Rajmahal, Jharkhand

In the Rajmahal subdivision of the Sahibganj district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, there is a notified area called Rajmahal. The former capital of Bengal, Subah, under Mughal governor Man Singh I, is located there along the banks of the Ganges.

Places to visit

  • Moti Jharna : The Moti Jharna waterfall in Sahibganj, one of the many that can be found in the lovely state of Jharkhand, will astound you. The name Moti, which means "pearl," is a fitting one for this waterfall, which will wash all of your cares away. Running torrents of white, frothy waves, which represent the splendor of a pearl, are a major source of joy and astonishment for their visitors. It is a popular picnic location and flows gracefully from the Rajmahal Hills. Tourists throng to this magnificent display of nature for amusement, to take breath-taking photos, or to simply find peace of mind.
  • Distance: Moti Jharna is 27 kilometers away from Rajmahal

  • Shivgadi Temple : Lord Shiva devotees can find comfort in the well-known Shivgadi Temple. You will find yourself miraculously seeking blessings within a cave after visiting this lovely shrine. Inside the cave, the temple is constructed in such a way as to accomplish a magical accomplishment. It appears as though nature is assisting the Creator by continually pouring water upon the Shiva Lingam from the mountain within which the cave was built. During the sacred holiday of Mahashivratri, a large crowd of worshipers from all walks of life throng the temple.
  • Distance: Shivgadi Temple is 57 kilometers away from Rajmahal

  • Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary : Jharkhand's sole bird refuge begs to be singled out for particular consideration. The Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is unique since it has numerous types of vibrant, chirping migratory birds as well as two beautiful lakes. The bird sanctuary is a delight for bird lovers and serves as a warm shelter for migrating birds that arrive from Serbia and other chilly regions of Europe. The welcoming presence of birds like storks, egrets, herons, ibis, and lapwings can make your visit here extra special. Numerous birds congregate at the two lakes, Berhale and Pataura, to quench their thirst during the hot heat.
  • Distance: Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is 13 kilometers away from Rajmahal

How to Reach

  • By Air - nearby Airports to Rajmahal at Bagdogra 214 kilometers away.
  • By Train - Rajmahal's Nearby Train Stations Sahibganj is 3 kilometers away.

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