Rajula, Gujarat

Rajula is a city in the Amreli district of Gujarat, India. During the reign of local king Daha Dhakhda, the city was known as Rajgadh.

Places to visit

  • Nagnath Temple: There are numerous holy places in Amreli. The Nagnath Temple is a well-known ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to historians, the original structure was built in the 1600s by the Diwan of Amreli. Lord Shiva devotees travel from all over India to visit the sacred sanctuary. The temple is best visited during Nagpanchmi and Shivratri, when the entire structure is lighted with bright lights.
  • Distance: Nagnath Temple is 62 kilometres away from Rajula

  • Harsiddhi Mataji Temple: The Harsiddhi Mataji Temple is in Rajpipla, Gujarat. This is a large and well-known mandir in the city. There is an interesting anecdote about the arrival of Goddess Harsidhhi Mata in Rajpipla. This mandir was given to the Gujarat government in 1950.
  • Distance: Harsiddhi Mataji Temple is 45 kilometres away from Rajula

  • Bhurikhiya Hanuman Temple: The Bhurikhiya Hanuman Temple is another famous place of worship in Amreli. This holy shrine honors Lord Hanuman. Yet, historical inscriptions show that the temple is associated with Shri Damadordasji, a staunch supporter of Shri Raghuvirdasji. The sage was well-known for his sermons on Tulsidas Ramayan. At Chaitra Poornima, devotees rush to the shrine in droves. The priests of the temple undertake special ceremonies. Other notable temples are the Gayatri Temple and the Khodiyar Temple.
  • Distance: Bhurikhiya Hanuman Temple is 94 kilometres away from Rajula

  • Kumbhnath Sukhnath Temple: One of Rajula's most popular attractions is the Kumbhnath Sukhnath temple. This is a historic Lord Shiva temple. According to the temple's history, the sculpture of Lord Shiva here was created by Bhima and Yudhishthira from the Mahabharata.
  • Distance: Kumbhnath Sukhnath Temple is 42 kilometres away from Rajula

How to Reach

  • By Air - The closest airport is in Vadodara to reach Rajula.
  • By Train - The nearest railway station is at Bharuch to reach Rajula.

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