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Ranebennur is the largest taluk in Karnataka’s Haveri district. It's about 300 kilometres northwest of Bengaluru, Karnataka's capital. The geographical centre of Karnataka is Ranebennuru. 14.62°N 75.62°E. Its average elevation is 605 metres (1,985 feet). The Tungabhadra, one of Karnataka's most significant rivers, runs along RanebennurTaluk's southern boundary. Another river, the Kumadvathi, enters Ranebennurtaluk from Hirekerurtaluk, flowing from MadaghMasur Lake [3], and then it joins the Tungabhadra River.

Places to visit

  • Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary : Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary was established primarily to protect blackbucks. It is made up of two unconnected sections, one on the east and one on the west. The sanctuary has a 14.87 km2 core zone and a 104.13 km2 buffer-cumulative tourism zone. Scrub forest and eucalyptus plantations dominate the landscape. The sanctuary is surrounded by agricultural fields. The sanctuary is also home to the critically endangered great Indian bustard and wolf. The great Indian bustard, on the other hand, has not been seen in the sanctuary since around 2002 and may be locally extinct. Blackbuck is abundant, with over 6,000 recorded in the 2005 census. The blackbuck can be seen from October to March, while the bustard can be seen from February to June .
  • Akkamahadevi Park : Fantastic Park with safe play equipment, great for kids, and a calm, serene atmosphere .
  • Devaragudda Temple : The primary god's idol will be transported from Devaragudda to a location named Kariyala in Palkhi for puja on Mahanavami (9th day of Dasara Festival). Devotees carry out KayakoluSeva on this day. There will be Karnika in the evening. This location is so named because there are many banyan trees there (called Aladamara in Kannada). Before he killed the Rakshasas, it is thought that the Lord Malatesh lived here. It is an extremely potent spiritual location.
  • Shopping suggestions : A variety of commodities are exchanged, including cotton yarn, cottonseed, oilseeds, red chillies, betel nuts, and betel leaves. There is a seed-multiplication industry in Ranebennur. The city is home to and is the location of several seed businesses. Ranebennur is well-known for its wholesale cloth market and other sorts of wholesale trade.

How to Reach

  • By Train - Ranebennur is connected to all major cities through regular train from the railway station here.
  • By Road - Ranebennur is located towards the North West side of Bangalore and can be reached within 6 hours. The bus charge from Bangalore to Ranebennur is approximately around 225 Rs.
  • By Air - The nearest airport to Ranebennur is Hubli Airport which is about 99 Km away.

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