In India's Andhra Pradesh state, the town of Sattenapalle also written Satenapalli is located in the Guntur district. The distance between Sattenapalle and Guntur City is roughly 35 kilometers. Sattenapalle is surrounded by flora and tiny hilly regions. The people of Sattenapalle rely on agriculture for their living.

Places to visit

  • Kondaveedu : It is home to a venerable fort that was constructed in the 13th century by the Reddy monarchs and consists of 21 spectacular monuments. The Kondaveedu fort, which is perched atop a hill, is a thing to be admired, especially for the breathtaking scenery it is surrounded by. There is a great hiking trail nearby as well. At the foot of the mountain, a collection of numerous temples makes for an impressive sight. Among the numerous temples in the region are Kathulabave and Gopunatha Temple.
  • Distance: Kondaveedu is 27 kilometres away from sattenapalli

  • Mangalagiri : One of the eight significant Mahakshetrams, or sacred locations, in India, this location is known by its literal translation as "The Auspicious Hill."In Indian culture, Mangalagiri is extremely significant since it is thought that both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu practiced penance on the hill's summit, where Lord Vishnu is also said to have shown himself. Due to the myths surrounding the divine, there is a huge influx of believers here throughout the year.
  • Distance: Mangalagiri is 62 kilometres away from sattenapalle

  • Amaravathi: The ancient building, which is now a city meditation spot, was built when Emperor Ashoka was in power.The city is planned to have 51% green space because it is built along a 217-kilometer riverside. On October 22, 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lay the building's foundation stone. Hyderabad was designated as the capital of the then-newly constituted state of Telangana following the division into two states in 2014.As a result, Andhra Pradesh's capital was decided to be Amaravathi. The ancient seat of the Satavahana dynasty is whence the term "Amaravathi" originates. Because there are so many temples and shrines scattered across this small town, pilgrims arrive here practically every day of the year.
  • Distance: Amaravathi is 35 kilometres away from sattenapalle

  • Amaravati Stupa: Amaravathi is home to the cultural site and historic Buddhist stupa known as Amaravati Stupa. The Archaeological Survey of India is currently responsible for guarding the memorial. One of the largest stupas in India and one of Amaravati's most popular tourist destinations is the Mahachaitya, also known as Deepaladinne or the Great Stupa of Amaravati. In addition to the stupa itself, the site features an archaeology museum that dates from the third century BCE to 250 CE. Brick construction and a circular vedika that shelters Lord Buddha in a human figure seated over an elephant distinguish the brick Amaravathi Stupa, which was created by a representative of Emperor Ashoka.
  • Distance: Amaravati Stupa is 36 kilometres away from sattenapalle

How to Reach

  • To go to Sattenapalle, take a bus from the bus station in Guntur.The closest railway station to Sattenapalle is Guntur Railway Station, which is located 38 kilometers away. The closest airport to Sattenapalle is Vijayawada Airport, which is located 92 kilometers away.

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