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In the Belagavi district in the Indian state of Karnataka, Savadatti is one of the oldest towns. It is a renowned pilgrimage site that is situated 41 kilometres from Dharwad and 78 kilometres from Belagavi. Additionally, the taluk, which was formerly known as Parasgad, is now called Savadatti. The rainy season in Savadatti is oppressive, windy, and cloudy; the dry season is partly cloudy; and it's hot all year long. The average annual temperature ranges from 61 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows and highs of 55 and 102 degrees respectively. According to a Census India estimate, there are 41,215 people living in the Savadatti Town Municipal Council, with 20,592 men and 20,623 women.

Places to visit

A day can easily be spent exploring Savadatti, a small city in India. This town does not have many activities or places of interest. There are also fewer lodging options because the town is small.

  • Shree Renukaa Yallamma Devi Temple : The pilgrimage site Yellamma Temple, also known as Renuka Temple, is a temple dedicated to the goddess Renuka and is situated about 5 kilometres from the town of Savadatti in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located on a hilltop once called Siddhachal Parvat and now called "Yellamma Gudda," which is also the name of the temple.
  • Yedravi Fort : A hill fort in the Indian state of Karnataka called Yedravi Fort is now in ruins. The majestic fort of Yedravi, dating back to the 10th century and constructed by illustrious monarchs of the Ratta dynasty, is situated about two kilometres south of Savadatti hamlet and lies on the south-west edge of a range of hills, directly overlooking the black soil plain below.
  • Shri Kalika Devi Temple : In the southern Indian state of Karnataka, in the Belgaum district, Shri Kalika Devi Temple is situated in a small community called Sirsangi. Belgaum, a Savadatti town, is located around 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Sirsangi.
  • Savadatti fort : In the western portion of Savadatti town, in the Indian state of Karnataka, is the Savadatti Fort, also referred to as Savadatti Fort. It is a military fort with an odd design that was constructed in the 18th century over a small hill. The Kadasiddheshwara temple is located within the main fort, which is a smaller fort.

How to Reach

  • By Air - The Hubli Airport, which is located 50 kilometres away from the town of Savadatti, provides access to it.
  • By train - 40 kilometres away, at Dharwad, is the closest railroad station.
  • By Road - You may easily travel to the Belgavi district, where the Savadatti Temple is located, by taking a taxi, cab, or buses, which are readily available from all areas of the town.

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