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Siddapura is a small city in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. This small city is a package where nature mingles with the artistic endeavours of humans. A tourist can experienceplenty of natural beauty amid vast architectural temples. So, if you have a fondness for spirituality and you wish to take a glimpse of art, architecture, nature and its beauty to the fullest extent then Siddapura is just the right destination for your vacation. A 3 to 4 days visit to this beautiful little city with waterfalls and temples will fill up your mind with wonder, peace and satisfaction.Burude falls is a natural waterfall present in Siddapura. This natural waterfall is open to tourists throughout the week from 9am to 5:30pm.

Siddapura is known for its famous and unique religious and cultural festivals. Marikamba is a famous festival of Siddapura which is celebrated every 5 years. There are other festivals like BasaveshwarJaatre and Shanishwar which are held in the month of February and March respectively. The Nanda Devi temple is an the best tourist attraction for religious and spiritual people. This small city of Uttar Kannada District is one of the many instances of Indian secular culture. Sunni Mosques like Badriya Jamia Masjid and Bedkani Jamia Masjid and church like the Holy Rosary Catholic Church are located in Siddapura.

Siddapura retains one of the most unique food cuisines of India. Foods like jackfruit chips, banana chips, sugarcane juice are some of the unique foods found in Siddapura. Siddapura is the home for foods like Kadubu, Holge, Todadevu, KoliKajjaya, HosagereKajjaya, Kotte Kadabu, AppeHuli etc. Therefore, Siddapura is a perfect vacation spot for a foodie. Here is a brief and detailed description of all famous foods of Siddapura

  • Kotte Kadabu: It is a special kind of idli with unique flavour as it is generally steamed in banana and jackfruit leaves. These soft, fluffy, flavoured idlies are something you must try if you visit Siddapura
  • AppeHuli is a watery soup filled with spices and mango pulp.
  • KoliKajjaya and Hosagere Kajjaya are a famous delicacy among the non-vegetarian community of Siddapura. When served with chicken curry and potato sambar this delicacy will entice your tastebuds with amazing flavour and taste.
  • Todadevu : Have you ever heard of a dhosa made of sugar and jaggery? If your answer is no then you must try Todadevu during your stay in Siddapura. It is a sweet dhosa made of jaggery bought form the local desert of Sirsi.

How to Reach

  • There are several railway stations near Siddapura which includes Bhistenhatti Railway station, Alnavar junction, Tavargatti railway station, Kashnatti railway station, Naglavi railway station, Mugad railway station, Devarayi Railway Station, Kyarkop Railway Station etc. But Tumkur railway station and Yediyuru Railway Station which are 44 km and 8km away from Siddapura is probably the nearest railway station to Siddapura.
  • Hubli airport which is about 146 km away is the nearest airport from Siddapura.
  • Buses like 333E; 334E; 500F; KBS-1K are frequent buses the stops at Siddapura bus stop.


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