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One of the most popular places in Surat, Gujarat is Dumas Beach, located 20km away from the southern part of the city. It is a beautiful beach famous among couples and tourists also for a variety of reasons. The sand of the beach stands out strikingly stunning with its eerie black color against the bright blue water of the Arabian Sea because of the high intensity of iron in it.

The beach is famous for its picturesque and peaceful atmosphere with the aroma of salt and delicious food wafting in the air. Apart from swimming and playing on the beach, you can also enjoy some horse or camel rides that are available on the beach. When you start getting hunger pangs there are many food stalls on the beach or outside it where you can savor some delectable local street food such as bhajiya, pav bhaji, gathiya, Sev puri, etc.

One more reason this beach is so famous among tourists is its stories of being a haunted place. The Dumas beach gets plenty of visitors during the day, but at night, it gets eerily silent. It is said that people who have dared to stay here at night, either never came back or had a very horrific experience to share. According to the folklore, the place was used as a cremation ground by the Hindus for burning their dead, and the ash getting mixed with sand for a long time resulted in the black-grey sand of the beach. The Dumas beach is in 35th position on the spookiest places in India list.

Nonetheless, people come here from all over the country to experience the infamous haunted beach and enjoy their time during the day eating delectable food and riding on horses and camels.

Things to Do in Dumas Beach



If you have come to a beach and didn’t enjoy splashing water, then you have wasted your time. Even if you don’t know swimming, do not hesitate to indulge yourself in the cool water of the Arabian Sea along the shore and splash as much water as you like on your loved ones.


Riding on Camel/Horses

The beach has this facility where you can rent a horse or a camel to have a buggy ride to explore and enjoy the beach from much higher grounds and relish the thrill of cool air on your face and the stunning view.



Eat to your heart’s content at the various food stalls on the beach and outside it too. Delight in the flavorful Pav bhaji, Bhajiya, Gathiya, Sev puri, Pani Puri, and much more.



The gorgeous views of the beach with bright blue seawater and black-grey sand provide a magnificent landscape for photography lovers. The sunsets here are exquisitely stunning creating a perfect backdrop for the Instagram-worthy snap.

Must-Visit Places Near Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach attracts lots and lots of tourists from all over India due to its majestic charm and the infamous spooky story. Apart from the beach, Surat has many other beautiful locations and places to enjoy the best of your time. Some of those places are mentioned below:

1. Dutch Cemetery

2. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

3. Surat Castle

4. ISKCON Temple

5. Kisna Nature Park

6. WOOP! (India’s largest trampoline park)

Places to Eat and Enjoy Nightlife Near Dumas Beach

Surat has a great variety of food, no doubt in that, but despite being in the dry state Surat has some amazing places where you can have mouth-watering food and professional DJs who will compel you to dance all night. Some of the best places to enjoy delicious food and vibrant nightlife in Surat near Dumas beach are:

1. Royal Bawarchi

2. Leonardo Italian Mediterranean Dining

3. Pirates Voyage

4. Neon The Disc

5. Neon The Disc

6. Dhua’s Hookah Lounge

How to Reach?


Best Time to Visit

There are no restrictions and you may visit Dumas beach at any given time of the year. If you wish to avoid scorching and humid weather as it is usually in Surat, avoid the months of April to August. During the summers it is too hot in the day and monsoons are not safe to go in the sea.

So, the ideal time would be from October to March when the weather is pleasant and not humid and the tides are also low to have a safe swimming experience.

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