Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu, and is spoken across the state, in many different dialects that are local to specific regions. Apart from Tamil, English is largely spoken especially in business and professional environments.


Hinduism is predominant in Tamil Nadu, and the state has over 38,000 Hindu temples! Out of these about 33000 are ancient, a large number of which are anywhere between 800 to 5000 years old!

Bharatanatyam, which India’s most popular classical dance form, and Carnatic music (South Indian classical music) originated in Tamil Nadu and are both widely practiced and performed all over the state.

Kancheepuram district is known for its pure silk garments (sarees especially). These are very popular all through the country, especially in south India and are a crucial part of wedding attire here.

Movies and motion pictures are a primary source of entertainment here – and people love catching the earliest shows of movies in theatres, and often clap, whistle, sing and dance along the shows.

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