Thanesar, Haryana

In the Kurukshetra area of the Indian state of Haryana, Thanesar City, often known as the "Old Kurukshetra City," is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site. It is situated 160 kilometers northwest of Delhi in the Kurukshetra district. Kurukshetra's previous name was Thanesar City.

Places to visit

  • Brahma Sarovar : A water tank known as the Brahma Sarovar has endured the rigors of time and is still kept as a sacred location for Hindu visitors. Even the renowned scholar Al Beruni from the 12th century thought it appropriate to include this sizable man-made pond in one of his diaries about India. A sight to behold, the Sarovar is particularly thronged with pilgrims during a solar eclipse since it is thought that dipping one's feet in its waters at that time will atone for all sins. A shrine to Lord Shiva is located on the Sarovar's northern bank. According to mythology, Lord Brahma personally installed the Linga at the shrine. This extremely antique water tank is a must-see location because it is described in numerous ancient books.
  • Distance: Brahma Sarovar is 1.8 kilometres away from Thanesar

  • Kos Minars : In Kurukshetra, there are numerous Kos Minars medieval landmarks scattered throughout the towns. The Mughal Empire used these historic monuments, which are now scattered around the nation in a deteriorated state, to indicate distances, but Haryana has saved 49 of them, making them well worth a visit. Despite being quite small in scale, Kos Minars a sturdy spherical pillar that stands around 30 feet tall were an essential component of communication and transportation in the Mughal kingdom. These landmarks are of national significance and ought to be on your itinerary without a doubt.
  • Distance: Santram Temple is 19 kilometres away from Thanesar

  • Raja Harsh ka Tila: "Harsh Ka Tila," a kilometer-long excavation, has uncovered artifacts from the 7th century, when King Harsha controlled the area. Some of the most significant findings of the post-Gupta period can be seen at this site, showcasing a wonderfully intriguing succession of civilizations from the Kushana period to the most recent Mughal period. "Raja Harsh ka Tila" is an archaeological wonder and a significant find that demonstrates Kurukshetra's ancient history.
  • Distance: Raja Harsh ka Tila is 2.2 kilometres away from Thanesar

How to Reach

  • By Air - Nearby Airport to Thanesar is 77.5 kilometeres away.
  • By Train - Stations Connecting Thanesar by Rail Junction in Kurukshetra is 1 kilometre away.

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