Unjha, Gujarat

Unjha is a town in Gujarat's Mehsana district. Unjha is 26 kilometers north of Mehsana and 102 kilometers north of Ahmedabad.

Places to visit

  • Thol Bird Sanctuary : Thol Lake, also known as Thol Bird Sanctuary, is a freshwater lake surrounded by marshes located 40 kilometers north-west of Ahmedabad in the Mehsana District of Gujarat. Thol Lake was formally declared Thol Bird Sanctuary in 1988. Thol gets its name from a small community called Thol, which is located near the lake. It is home to around 100 different bird species. Many migrating birds use this natural area to nest and reproduce.
  • Distance: Thol Bird Sanctuary is 73 kilometres away from Unjha.

  • Mahudi Tirth : Each year, lakhs of pilgrims visit Mahudi Tirth. Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev is the driving force behind this amazing temple. The Tirth was constructed under the direction of Shrimad Buddhisagarji Maharaj Saheb. When he witnessed jains rushing from temple to temple for wish fulfillment and protection, he saw the need for a great Jain deity to whom people might pray and ask for heavenly help and evil protection. He practiced hard 'Saadhna' (meditation) for three days, and with his vital powers, he examined Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev's 'pratyaksha' using 'haven' fire, and he tied him to protect and promote people's welfare. Shrimad BuddhiSagar Maharaj Sahebji animated the idol by infusing it with "Praan" (life force). Since then, lakhs of people have witnessed miracles and the fulfillment of their wishes through Lord Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev, on both personal and professional levels. The mahima (popularity and prosperity) of Mahudi Tirth is growing by the day, and it is the only one of its sort in India. Another, larger temple in this shrine houses a 22-inch marble idol of BhagawanPadmaprabh sitting in padmasana (lotus) pose, which was rebuilt by Acharya Shrimad Buddhisagarji M.S. Gurudev. Along with Lord Ghantakarna Mahavir's Temple, another temple called as Guru Mandir was built afterwards with the idol of Acharya Shrimad Buddhisagarji Suriswarji M.S. Gurudev (after His glorious death).
  • Distance: Mahudi Tirth is 72 kilometres away from Unjha.

How to Reach

  • By Air-You can obtain a regular flight to Ahmedabad Airport instead of Unjha. Unjha is 87 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Trains run frequently from other important cities in the country to Unjha.

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