Vadnagar, Gujarat

Vadnagar is a town and municipality in the Mehsana district of the state of Gujarat in India. It just about 35 km from Mehsana city. Its ancient names include Anartapura and Anandapura. It was a Buddhist location visited by Xuanzang in 640 C.E.

Places to visit

  • HatkeshwarMahadev Temple : HatkeshwarMahadev is a historical and old temple located outside of Vadnagar, Gujarat. HatkeshwarMahadev Temple is the primary deity of Nagar Brahmin and a major pilgrimage spot for Lord Shiva followers. HatkeshwarMahadev, which means "Golden Temple," was carved outside the town in the 17th century.The dome of the sanctum is topped by a towering Shikhar, while the walls are etched with Mahabharata and Ramayana images.Beautiful statues of Hindu deities, nine planets, Lord Vishnu's incarnation, ocean churning, Shankh, Airavat, and so on can be found in this temple.All of these statues have been carefully kept and are revered in temples. Many Hindu sacred writings describe various accounts about the HatkeshwarMahadev temple. Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati, the great sage Vyasa, Nagar Brahmin, Indra, and other deities are associated with this. The temple is also thought to have been built some 1800 years ago, and Shree HatkeshverMahadev'sShivlinga is said to extend all the way to the bottom of the earth. (PatalLok).
  • Distance: HatkeshwarMahadev is 4 kilometers away from Vadnagar.

  • SharmishthaTalav Lake : SharmishthaTalav is the best example of a Solanki-era water harvesting device that is still in use today. The river Kapila, which flows from the Aravalli hills, flooded this ancient lake. The massive lake is well surrounded, and development work has occurred numerous times in and around the lake, including well-paved roads, gardens, and boating facilities. It is claimed that the Hatkeshwar temple and Sharmishtha Lake, which are currently on the outskirts of Vadnagar, previously stood in the heart of the city, from where we could see Vadnagar's prosperity and wealth.
  • Distance: SharmishthaTalav is 4 kilometers away from Vadnagar.

  • Tana Riri Garden : Tana Riri Garden and Festival celebrates the lives of Tana and RiriNaagar, two talented vocalists from Vadnagar, Gujarat. ShrimatiSharmishta, NarshinhMaheta's granddaughter, was the mother of these twin sisters. According to Deepak Rag, once Tansen begins to experience an incurable heat in his body, no one in India has been able to heal him of this excruciating discomfort. Finally, he came upon these two females, Tana and Riri, who used Mahlar Rag to cure Tansen and save his life. Following this occurrence, Akbar was moved by these two girls and summoned them to his court. These two females refused to come and committed suicide in Vadnagar by painting on a wall and committing themselves.
  • Distance: Tana Riri Garden is 2.7kilometers away from Vadnagar.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Nearest airport is Ahmedabad 111 kilometres away from vadnagar.
  • By Train-Siddhapur is a railway station on the Ahmedabad-New Delhi railway line, 42 kilometers from Vadnagar.

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