Veraval, Gujarat

Veraval, also known as Somnath, is a town in the GirSomnath district of Gujarat, India. It is also renowned as India's fishing industry centre.

Places to visit

  • Veraval Beach : The Veraval beach is located near the fishing harbor of Veraval on Saurashtra's south-western coast, approximately 5 kilometers from the Somnath Temple. This magnificent and calm shore is ideal for travellers looking to relax and recuperate in peaceful surroundings. This gorgeous beach has a jogging route and a lot of benches where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. Veraval Beach is an excellent shoreline for both slow walkers and those looking to walk for health reasons. One of the most popular pastimes on this beach is a morning swim in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Visitors can also enjoy Veraval Beach's thriving fishing harbor, which is teeming with trawlers, fisherman, country crafts, and dhows engaged in various fishing activities. This fishing port also draws visitors with a variety of enjoyable activities such as swimming, camel riding, sunbathing, boat cruises, fishing, and running. At the coast, one can also taste delectable seafood. Veraval Beach is best visited between July and March.
  • Distance: Veraval Beach is 2.5 kilometres away from veraval.

  • BhalkaTirtha : This sacred pond in Somnath is known as the BhalkaTirtha and is located along the Prabhas-Veraval Highway. This pond (or Tirtha) is located at the confluence of three rivers, including the Hiran River. On the Tirtha's bank, a modest temple may be found immediately beneath a banyan tree. Inside the shrine is a magnificent blue-colored statue of Lord Krishna. Tourists can also see a picture of the hunter "Jara" with clasped hands within the shrine. In addition, Lord Krishna's pink-colored foot can be seen here.
  • Distance: BhalkaTirthais 3.0kilometres away from veraval.

  • TriveniGhat : This Ghat, located in Somnath near Veraval, is the meeting location of the three holy rivers Hiran, Saraswathy, and Kapil. All of these rivers are expected to flow to the sea in the end. TriveniGhat represents the birth, existence, and death of a human being. Thousands of worshippers flock to this holy ghat to take a holy bath. This sacred Ghat is mentioned in both the Puranas and Hindu mythology. The Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas all mention TriveniGhat in various places. According to mythology, Shri Krishna arrived at this sacred site after being shot with an arrow by a hunter named Jara. In Somnath, this is a highly revered location. On the banks of the TriveniGhat are the "Laxminarayan Temple" and "Gita Mandir."
  • Distance: TriveniGhat is 11 kilometres away from veraval.

  • Junagarh Gate : Junagarh Gate has its unique historical significance, and its archaic structure dates back several centuries. This attractive gate is adorned with numerous intricate carvings on its walls. This exact gate was destroyed by Mahmud Gazni (the legendary invader), who entered this sacred city through the Junagarh Gate and wrecked all the temples and looted vast treasures.
  • Distance: Junagarh Gate is43 kilometres away from veraval.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Regular flights do not connect Veraval to the rest of the country's major cities. The closest airport is 56 kilometers away at Diu.
  • By Train-Regular trains run to Veraval from the country’s entire major cities.

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