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Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek, Uttarakhand

One of the most humongous and exquisite peaks in India and the 2nd-highest peak in the country.Nanda Devi is a two-peaked range, forming a 2-kilometer-long high hill, oriented east–west. The eastern summit is lower than the western summit and is locally known as Sunanda Devi.The primecrowning point stands guarded by a barrier ring comprising some of the highest mountains in the Indian Himalayas, out of which twelve exceed 6,400 meters (21,000 ft) in height, additionallyenhancing its sacred status as the daughter of the Himalayasaccording to the Indian folklore. The interior of this almost impossible ring is known as the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, which is known as the Nanda Devi National Park. The Nanda Devi East lies on the eastern edge of the ring (and of the Park), at the border of the Bageshwar, Pithoragarh,and Chamolidistricts.Together the peaks are often referred to as the peaks of the goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. These goddesses’ names have been mentioned together in ancient Sanskrit literature books of Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata Purana and are worshipped together as twins in the Garhwal,Kumaon, and elsewhere in India. The first published reference to Nanda Devi East as Sunanda Devi appears to be in a novel, Malhotra 2011 that has thebackdrop ofthe Kumaon region.

The Nanda Devi Trek will allow viewing the incomparable and daydreaming sights of peaks. Starting with the beautiful Munsiyari hills the path is filled with dense bamboo forests and verdant alpine meadows. The trek will also cover the rural villages of the area and some of the deepest canyons of the country.

A mesmerizing Journey to Behold

The second highest peak in Indian Himalayas, the Nanda Devi trail despite being a challenging trek influence many passionate trekkers to take up this thrilling journey. Trek to enchanting Nanda Devi Peak, which happens to be one of the most marvelous peaks in the world, is an incomparable experience.

The trek begins with an easy path from Munsyari hills, but eventually, it gets tougher as soon as it reaches Bugdiyar. The trekking trail cross through protracted meadows, deep wide valleys, antiquevillages, canyons, and high-altitude glaciers. The trek also passes through an old trade route, cuts through elevated fields, and dense forests, and offers a view that is splendid in all senses.

The path to the Nanda Devi East camp is certainly very splendid, and when we think from the historical point of view, it surely makes it the best trek in India. This particular part of Nanda Devi has always captivated many trekkers and mountaineers.

Important Information on Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Difficulty Level

The Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek is a tough and challenging trek that starts with an easy path but gradually becomes hard in the later stages. This trek can only be manageable by professionals or people who have good knowledge of trekking. Although the risk will seem to be worth taking once entering the dreamy and adventurous journey.

Altitude to Cover

  • Munsiyari – 7,217 ft
  • Lilam – 6,069 ft
  • Bugdiyar– 8,202
  • Rilkot – 10,269 ft
  • Pachu Glacier – 13,123 ft
  • Martoli camp – 11,253 ft
  • Rargari – 11,112

Weather Conditions

The Nanda Devi peak is mostly a dry place, being situated in ahighly elevated area the place becomes freezing cold during the winter season with the temperature tumbling to minus degrees. The summer season holds a pleasant atmosphere that is suitable for trekking also. During the monsoon time area remain closed due to the high risk of flood and landslide.

Trek companies

Some famous trekking sites organize trekking camps to Nanda Devi Base Camp and other beautiful sites. These are:

  • Euttranchal – INR 32,500/person (https://www.euttaranchal.com/)
  • Thrillophilia – INR 34,500/person (https://www.thrillophilia.com/)
  • Himalayan Hikers –INR 40,500/person (https://www.himalayanhikers.in/)
  • Trekmunk – INR 39,950/person (https://www.trekmunk.com/)
Things to Keep
  • Necessary accessories – Raincoat or Umbrella, water bottle, torchlight, toilet paper, and wet wipes.
  • Refreshments like dried fruits and nuts, biscuits and chocolates, and Packets of instant foods, in case of any emergency.
  • Good quality trekking shoes lightweight with enough grip, and a pair of sandal floaters and slippers.
  • Suitable clothes including a warm jacket, waterproof trek pants, warm thermals, waterproof gloves, woolen, and regular socks
  • Personal medical kit with pills for headache, fever, cough, motion sickness, spray for sprains, band-aid, cotton, and mosquito repellent cream
  • A notebook and pen for writing any important notes.
  • Fully charged camera, extra battery backup.
Food Stops

The Nanda Devi Base Camp journey leads to many isolated and distant zone, due to which there might be a chance of not getting easily available food stalls or shops. Trekkers prefer to carry their food like ready-made food or refreshments packed to use later. As the trail covers high altitude areas, trekkers carry their food bought from the low altitude place or before starting the trekking journey. If you are traveling in a pack along with a guide, most of the guides have their cook for preparing tasty food for the group.

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Pickup from Kathgodam to Munsiyari (277 km and 9-10hours drive) .
  • Day 2 – Trek fromMunsiyari to Lilam (7 km and 4 to 5 hours drive).
  • Day 3 – Tek from Lilam to Bugdiyar(12 km each and 6 to 7 hours).
  • Day 4 – Tek from Bugdiyarto Rilkot (12 km each and 5 to 6 hours).
  • Day 5 – Trek from Rilkot to Ghanghar (13 km and 5 to 6 hours).
  • Day 6 – Adaptation Day at Ghanghar.
  • Day 7 – Trek from Ghanghar to Pachu Glacier (7 km and 4 to 5 hours) .
  • Day 8 – Trek from Pachu Glacier to Nanda Devi base camp. (10 km and 5 to 6 hours). Exploration day at Nanda Devi base camp.
  • Day 9 – Trek from Pachu Glacier to Martoli camp (17 km and 7 to 8 hours)
  • Day 10 – Trek Martoli campto Rargari(20 km and 7 to 8 hours)
  • Day 11 – Trek Rargari to Munsiyari (14 km and 6 to 7 hours)
  • Day 12 – Drive from Munsiyari to Kathgodam (277 km and 9 to 10 hours)

Best Time to do Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Considering the temperature and the weather, the perfect time to travel the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek is between the months of May to June and between September to October. Around this time the weather is tolerable as it will be neither too cold nor raining heavily, which makes the trek a little easier

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best time to trek in the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek?

The best time for Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek is during the months of May to June & September to October. During this time the weather is tolerable as it will be neither too cold nor too rainy, which makes trekking in this region easier.

What is the difficulty level of the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek?

The Nanda Devi base camp is considered a sturdy trek which is preferred for professional trekkers with trekking knowledge and mental and physical strength. The trail starts from an easy path but eventually starts becoming tough during the journey.

What is the highest elevation of the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek?

The highest elevation of Nanda Devi Base Camp Trekis 13,123 ft.

What is the total trekking distance of the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek?

The trekking distance of the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trekis around 109 km.

What is the total duration of the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek?

The Nanda Devi Base Camp Trekin Uttarakhand is a 12 days trek.

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