Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park

Get lost in the dense luxuriant of Bandipur National Park, one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in South India with a variety of exotic flora and fauna. Surfing the dense jungles of India is one of the best ways wildlife or nature lovers can spend their time and Bandipar National Park offers one of the best Tiger Safari experiences in India. The national park also harbors the largest number of wild elephants in South Asia along with several other endangered species. Nestled in the Mysore-Ooty highway, the park is surrounded by a stunning landscape meadows and hills and attracts several tourists every year.

Bandipur safari offers the most number tiger sightings as compared to other wildlife sanctuaries in south India and is also rich in other variety of fauna including leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, gaurs, and rare avian species. Wildlife lovers and photographers can enjoy the most in this nature heaven through a fascinating ride in the Bandipur forest in either a jeep safari, elephant safari, or canter safari. There is no advance booking for Bandipur National Park, and you will have to stand on a queue and see if you get lucky for that day or time.

There are five safari zones in Bandipur namely East zone, Central zone, North-West zone, South zone, and North zone. Each zone is known for spotting a particular animal species or for adventure activities like boating in backwaters or even fishing. Safari happens in mornings or evenings and can be enjoyed at any season here.

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