• Type: Breakfast
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Region or State: South India; Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka
  • Main Ingredients: Rice flour

Known with many names such as String Hopper, Puttu, Noolappam, or Ottu Shavige, Idiyappam is a rice noodle dish originating from the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka. The beautiful looking cuisine is made from rice flour dough which is pressed into noodles then woven into a flat disc-like shape and steamed. The cuisine also spread to Southeast Asia, where it is called putu mayam in Malaysia and Singapore and putu mayang in Indonesia. The name Idiyappam has been derived from the Tamil word ‘idi’ (meaning beat) and ‘appam’ (meaning pancake) which together forms a new name for the version of Appam dish. It is also called noolappam or noolputtu in Tamil and Malayalam, where ‘nool’ means string or thread.

South India has many cuisines which are made from a combination of rice and lentil and these generally form several variations of dosa, idli, and vada. But Idiyappam is one of the wholesome dishes which is nutritious, delicious, and can be eaten with a myriad of gravy or chutneys. Commonly savored in breakfast or sometimes at dinner as well, Idiyappam is usually served with kurma, any vegetarian gravy, or with coconut and jaggery chutney. The soft noodle or seviyan like texture of the dish melts in the mouth and takes in all the flavor it is offered to turn itself into a food paradise which cannot be resisted with just a single serving.

Making of Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a healthy and delightful dish which requires very less effort and time to prepare starting from the raw ingredients till it’s served on the plate. Firstly, the rice flour is mixed with some teaspoons of ghee and a pinch of salt and then a soft dough is kneaded with coconut milk and water or by water only. Then a portion of dough is placed inside the idiyappam maker after greasing it with some ghee or oil to form the vermicelli-like noodles. The noodles are directly poured over banana leaf or a greased idli maker and then steamed for 10-15 minutes. Pandan leaf (screwpine) juice is usually added in the water while steaming to add some flavor and aroma to the Idiyappam but this step can be skipped as well. When the Idiyappam is cooked, it is served hot with a spicy gravy or grated coconut and jaggery for a soulful meal at breakfast or dinner.

Nutritional Content

One serving of Idiyappam (50g) contains 69 calories, out of which 0.2 grams comes from fat, 15 grams of calories come from carbohydrates, and 1.2 grams of calories comes from protein. Idiyappam is a healthy and nutritious dish which is an ideal meal for those looking to lose some pounds or want to eat something healthy to start off their day.



A lookalike of noodles but with a desi twist, Idiyappam is a humble and healthy cuisine from Southern India made with rice flour, and steamed to smooth and soft perfection which makes a hearty meal when paired with any gravy or the sinful coconut chutney.

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