Tribal museum

Indulge in the plethora of information and visual representation of the tribal communities of Gujarat in the Adivasi (Tribal) Museum and get to know about their way of living. Started as a Tribal Research and Training Institute in 1962, the museum was later on developed in 1965 and has been attracting travelers ever since.


Information for Visitors

Timings: Monday to Friday – 11am-5:30pm, Saturday – 11am-4:30pm (Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)

Location: Tribal Research and Training Institute, Gujarat Vidyapith Campus, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad.

Fees: Entry fees is 5 Rs

About the Museum

The city of Ahmedabad is a place of rich history and heritage. It is the place where the story of Indian independence was written and you can find many other things reflecting the ancient era and the pre-independence period such as museums, temples, galleries, and other iconic places. Many museums talk about the industrial revolution, the era during the Mughal rule, science museums, and much more. But there is one museum in Ahmedabad that stands out from all other museums - the Adivasi (Tribal) Museum.

Adivasi Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum that is not very easy to find in other parts of the country. The museum was established in 1965 with the development of the Adivasi Research and Training Center at Gujarat Vidyapith in 1962. After the establishment of the research institute, the inception of the museum began with different artifacts related to the lives of the Adivasis. A very detailed and elaborated display of the life of tribal people is done through arts, paintings, facts, and cultural representation. The museum has a library with a projector that shows 25 different types of films related to tribal life and a grand display of photos showing tribal culture. The museum throws light on 23 out of 25 tribal communities of Gujarat by not just exhibiting articles but providing insight on the Adivasi lifestyle, their clothes, culture, and other aspects of their day-to-day life.

The museum also has on display the clothes and traditional dresses of the Adivasis, accessories, toys made from metal and clay, musical instruments, household utensils, and articles of professions inside its premises. The museum represents the lifestyle of the tribal communities and is visited by many travelers and even locals throughout the year.

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