Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad fort is a historic citadel located in Daulatabad (also called Devagiri) village near Aurangabad city in the west Indian state of Maharashtra .


This fort was built in 1187 AD by the Yadava dynasty which ruled the region in 12th century. It was then known as Deogiri.

In the 14th century, the Sultan of Delhi - Muhammad Bin Tughlak came upon this fort and fell in love with it. So, he decided to move his court and capital there, renaming it to Daulatabad, which translated to - "the City of Fortune/wealth", and made the entire population of Delhi in that time to move to this fort city.


Daulatabad is a beautiful Hill Fort that stands on a hill, at the height of 190 metres. This fort has various elements such as -

Additional Information for Visitors

Daulatabad Fort is open to visitors between 9 AM and 6 PM every day, on all days of the week.

An entry fee of INR 10 per head is applicable for every Indian national (adult) visitor to this place, and for foreigners (adult), the entrance fee applicable is INR 100 per head. For visitors who’d like to bring a camera, an additional INR 25 is charged.

Daulatabad is close to Aurangabad, which is well connected to various major cities across India as well as other parts of the world, and can be reached by air, rail or road.

Daulatabad Fort

Formerly known as Deogiri, the Daulatabad Fort was constructed in 1187 by the Yadava dynasty in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, before it was taken over by Mohammad Tughlak and renaming the city as Daulatabad along with this fort. The strategic location of the fort along with the incredible architecture and three-layered defense system made it one of thestrongest hill fortresses of that era.

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