mandarmani beach

Mandarmani beach is a beach in Mandarmani (also called “Mandarboni” by the locals) – a coastal town in the East Indian state of West Bengal. It is a serene beach but is quite popular. Situated at a distance of about 178 km (miles) from the capital city of Kolkata (previously Calcutta), Mandarmani is known to be a favourite beach destination for people in all the neighbouring regions here as it offers a tranquil and stunning experience of the Bay of Bengal coast.

Situated in close proximity to other popular destinations like Digha and Shankarpur in West Bengal, its scope for being a perfect vacation spot has gone up significantly. With more tourists in this decade than ever, the village of Mandarmani Beach is a fast-developing tourist attraction in Eastern India. Mandarmani beach is also said to be the longest driveable beach destination in India - the whole stretch of this beach covers an area about 13 km long!

The best times to visit this beach are the months between November through January, i.e., the winter months! During this time, the temperatures here are between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. Summer months are too hot and during monsoons the sea tides are unpredictable.

These popular tropical Indian beaches on the Arabian and Bay of Bengal coastlines, with golden sands, balmy breeze, and scenic views of the sea against the skies are perfect destinations for you to create some beautiful and long-lasting memories.