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Nestled in the periphery of the magnificent Murudeshwar Temple in the town of Murudeshwar, Karnataka, Murudeshwar Beach is one of the most prominent beaches in the state. Overlooking the architectural magnificence of the Lord Shiva statue, Murudeshwar beach is an ideal location for weekend getaways and family picnics. The beach is famous for its stunning landscape with crystal blue waters and the silky golden sand along with the serene and pristine aura it oozes. The majestic Murudeshwar Temple next to the beach makes it even more appealing to have a visit.

Enveloped by green hills and lush green foliage of dense wild plants, Murudeshwar beach is always vibrant with activities and is one of the major attractions in Karnataka. The unparalleled beauty of this beach is boosted by the thick groves of coconut trees that are native to this location. Tourists can also enjoy boat rides on the beach which takes you to explore the entire beach along with the Murudeshwar Temple.

To witness the serenity and the magnificent view of the horizon, visit the beach in the early morning to see the beautiful sunrise shining its rays in the shimmering waters along with the seagulls and kingfishers to accompany you. Taking a long quiet walk along the seashore is a very rejuvenating activity with the water splashing onto your feet and the divine air from the temple wafting in the atmosphere. With the beautiful natural surroundings and the seawater splashing against the shore, the overall scenic view of this beach is worth every visit.

Things to Do in Murudeshwar Beach



Murudeshwar beach offers a range of watersport activities such as surfing, parasailing, water scooter, bumper rides, jet skiing, etc., that will tempt any adventure enthusiast.



Soaking on the warmth of the sun while relaxing on a beach chair and admiring the extravagant beauty of the beach will replenish your energy and relieve all your stress from the hectic day-to-day city life.


Boat Rides

There are several boat rides available from the beach to the temple that is offered by fishermen which is a very exciting activity and you can capture many images of the beach while on your boating excursion.


Murudeshwar Temple and Fort

The popular Murudeshwar Temple and Murudeshwar Fort are just a few meters away from the beach and attract many travelers. It is a magnificent temple and the fort which must be admired closely and taking photographs of the temple with the sea behind it is highly suggested.



Swim in the cool waters of the Murudeshwar beach and splash some water onto your loved ones. Even if you don’t know how to swim, just playing with the water or making a sandcastle on the shore is a memorable experience in itself.

Places/Sights to Visit Near Murudeshwar Beach

The town of Murudeshwar is filled with many religious and architectural structures that lure tourists from all over India. Some popular tourist attraction to visit near Murudeshwar Beach are as follows:

1. Statue of Lord Shiva (Murudeshwar)

2. Murudeshwar Temple

3. Raja Gopura

4. Bhukailasa Cave Museum Murdeshwar

5. Netrani Island

6. Idagunji Ganapati Temple

Places to Eat Near Murudeshwar Beach

After an enthralling day at thebeach, it’s time to visit some of the best restaurants near Murudeshwar beach that serve lip-smacking food to visitors of all kind and choices.

1. RNS Café

2. Naveen Beach Restaurant

3. Sea Lounge

4. Hotel Kwality

5. Royal Athiya

How to Reach Murudeshwar Beach?


Best Time to Visit Murudeshwar Beach

The best time to visit Murudeshwar Beach is between October and February when the weather is pleasant with a cool temperature. As this is the peak season, assume a little crowd during this time. During the off-season i.e., from March to July, the weather remains moderate and there is heavy rainfall in the monsoons. But if you come during this time, you can avoid the crowd by much extent.

Murudeshwara Beach

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