Cubbon Park


Cubbon Park is a huge park in Bangalore that also hosts a library, museums, a tennis court, an aquarium, a toy train and many statues and pavilions. It is like a green lung in the heart of the city. It is a jogger’s paradise and people from all over Bengaluru come here to spend time, exercise or enjoy the greenery when trees and flowers are in full bloom.

The park provides pleasant and pastoral surroundings to the State Legislature building- the Vidhana Soudha, the High Court of Bengaluru and a number of other buildings located along the periphery in central Bengaluru and within the park which constitute the Central Administrative Area.

It is an unusual park that also has a busy road cutting through it, through which vehicles pass. On Sundays, this road is closed and the park is open exclusively to pedestrians and joggers. It also has a dog park where people bring in their dogs to play and socialise on Sundays.


The Cubbon Park has a history of over 100 years. It was established in the year 1870 by Sri John Meade, the then Commissioner of Mysore, and the then Chief Engineer of the State, Major General Richard Sankey, designed its vast landscape.

The park was initially named as “Meade’s Park” as an honour to Sri John Meade, and subsequently it came to be called the Cubbon Park. Over the years, it has been constantly upgraded with the addition and improvements on the features and structures.


The Cubbon park consists of Greco-Roman, classical, and neoclassical structures which are secreted away behind rows of trees and are evocative of an era gone by. These are also photogenically alluring and people love to click photographs here.

These buildings include:

All of these have distinct features reflecting Bangalore city’s distant colonial past.

Additional Information for Visitors

A number of heritage walking tours are conducted in here and many clubs (like art groups, and kids’ groups) meet with their members here to do their activities and enjoy the fresh air.

The best time to visit Cubbon (for visitors from outside Bengaluru) is between September to February, when the temperatures remain mild and breezy with very less chances of rain. You can find many species of birds, including migratory ones at the waterside in Cubbon Park during this time.

Between March to May summer is at its peak in Bangalore city and the park is usually filled with springtime flowers. The climate will be very hot but temperature is still pleasant, even in the hottest months, though this has changed in the past couple of years, supposedly as a result of climate change. This is not an ideal time for people who cannot stand the heat.

Between June to September there usually is some rainfall. During this time, the park is more suitable for people who love rains and the pleasant smell of the wet mud and flourishing damp greenery. You could carry an or wear a strapping pair of rainproof shoes, and you’re good to go – be it a family getaway with kids or a romantic getaway or even solo for people who want some pleasant solitude.

How to Reach

Cubbon park is about 34.5 km away from Bengaluru’s international airport. You can find a KSRTC bus that runs between the airport and M.G. Road or Kasturba Road or you can hire a cab to Kasturba Road from the airport. The closest access points to the park are Hudson Circle, Ambedkar Veedhi, and State Central Library.

Bangalore cantonment railway station and Majestic railway station at Kempegowda, which are 2 major railway stations in Bengaluru, are very close to the park – Cantonment at 3.4 km away and Majestic station 4.2 km away. These can be reached by road within 20 minutes in reasonable traffic.

The other attractions near Cubbon park that people can visit include:

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