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Bobbili is a town located in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh founded by the 15th descendant of the King of Venkatagiri, Pedda Rayudu. This small town has also contributed a large part to the Indian Culture by producing distinctive melodious Traditional Veenas which create a peculiar melodious tune and notes different from other Veenas.

History Of Bobbili

Bobbili is also famous for tragic events in history which wiped out half of its population. The Bobbili- Vizianagaram battle that happened on January 24th left dark consequences for the people of both Bobbili and Vizianagaram, which took them years to overcome. As the outcome of this battle, the actual Bobbili fort and half of the town were wiped away. As the Vizianagaram army was supported by Marquis de Bussy, the French troops and Vizianagaram armies massacred Bobbili’s army. Pedda Vijayarama Raju, Raja of Vizianagaram, was assassinated. The women along with the Queen of Bobbili Mallamma Devi, choose to endure the suffering of death rather than being captured by the enemy. Till now the lives sacrificed in that battle were hailed for their bravery and courage.

Veenas of Bobbili

Veenas are large wooden instruments with strings plucked in them. In Bobbili, the woods used to make Veena are obtained from the Jackfruit Tree, also called Panasa Pottu in Telugu, and Sampang wood. The artisans pick a single big log wood from which they make parts of Veena and as it was made with single wood it is called Ekanndi Veena. Nearly 350 families have been involved in the making of these traditional Veenas and many of the families fully depend on the Veena making as a source of their income.

Places to visit

  • Bobbili Fort : Bobbili fort was constructed during the midst of the 19th century by the successor of the Raja of Bobbili, Chinna Ranga Rao after the improvement in their economic conditions. The Fort has a beautiful entrance gate which is designed in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style and a tall Dome. The Bobbili Fort has Durbar Hall (Kings’ court), several mandapas or mantapas (pillared hall), four monuments, and two temples in it.
  • Bobbili War Memorial Stupam : War Memorial Pillar in Bobbili is a must-visit place not because of its beauty but because of the braveness and sacrifice it represented. The Bobbili War Memorial Stupam is dedicated to the lives of courageous women who choose to endure the suffering of death rather than being captured by the enemy and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves during the war between Bobbili-Vizianagaram on 24th January 1757.
  • Bobbili Venugopala Swamy temple : Built close to the Royal Estate, Bobbili Venugopala Swamy temple is the most worshipped temple in Bobbili. The Royal family of Bobbili was very religious and worshipped Venugopala Swamy. When Chinna Ranga Rao took over the control of Bobbili, he built a new Temple as the old ones were destroyed during the Bobbili- Vizianagaram battle.
  • Polamamba Ammavari Temple : Situated 25.7 km away from Bobbili town, Polamamba Ammavari Temple is a very old and famous Temple. Including locals, people from Odisha, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh also visit this Temple. Every year in January, there is grand celebrations occur in the Temple.
How to Reach
  • Bobbili Town is a reachable place to visit.
  • By Air – The nearest Visakhapatnam International Airport is located at a distance of 115 km from Bobbili.
  • By Train - Bobbili Railway Station situated 2km from Bobbili, is the closest way of Transport from the Town.
  • By Road - APSRTC buses from Vizianagaram are frequently available to reach Bobbili.

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