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In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh's Rayalaseema region, there are eight districts total. One of them is Chittoor. There are 4,170,468 people living there, according of the 2011 census in India.Chittoor is renowned throughout the nation for its picturesque zoological park and stunning waterfalls, which draw tourists there from all around. Mangoes, cereals, sugarcane, and peanuts are just a few examples of the local delights that shoppers can indulge in.

Places to visit

  • Sri Venkateshwara National Park : The Venkateshwara National Park and Biosphere Reserve, which is in the Eastern Ghats and is about 10 km from Tirupati, is home to rare plant species and interesting animal species such the Slender Loris, Tree Shrew, Wild Dog, etc.Alsoa delight for bird lovers is crowned serpent eagles, Indian rollers, kingfishers, etc. However, the three waterfalls—Talakona, Gundalakona, and Gujana—are this national park's main draw. Since Talakona is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh, it goes without saying that it is a breathtaking sight. One might easily spend the whole day here with the wonderful Forest Guest Houses and hotel alternatives.
  • Distance: Sri venkateshwara National park is 63.9 kilometres away from Chittoor

  • KanipakamVinayaka temple : The KanipakkamVinayaka Temple is one of the well-known temples in the Chittoor area. KulothungaChola I, a renowned Chola ruler, was the one who conceptualized and built the temple in the 11th century CE. Then, in 1336, the Vijayanagara kings restored it. Myths and traditions connected to the Kanipakam temple are what set it apart. The armor that was donated to the deity fifty years ago no longer fits, according to reports that Vinayaka's idol increases every year.The Shrine of Water is another name for this ancient temple in the Chittoor district's Irala Mandal, which worships Ganesha as its main god. Because of its miraculous idol, the majestic Kanipakam temple has great religious significance and importance. The complex's water is thought to be holy and capable of treating a number of abnormalities.
  • Distance: Kanipakamvinayaka temple is 11.7 kilometres away from chittoor

  • Nagalapuram Falls: A quick trekking route leads to Nagalapuram Falls. It is situated in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district. Its route meanders over the Eastern Ghats' dense jungle. The 4 kilometer long trekking path can be finished in a single day. The hike to Nagalapuram Waterfalls is embellished with beautiful views of rolling hills covered in greenery. Three waterfalls can be found on the trekking trail, and each one provides visitors with a distinctive and unspoiled vista.
  • Distance: Nagalapuram water falls is 78 kilometres from chittoor

  • Srikalahasti Temple: The famed Tirupati Temple is only 36 kilometers distance, yet devotees often travel together to the well-liked Srikalahasti Temple. Krishnadevraya, a monarch of the Vijayanagara Empire, built the Kalahasti Temple in 1516, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is of great religious significance to Hindus.Astonishing architecture can be seen immediately away as you approach the Sri Kalahasti temple complex. Exploring it in its divine surroundings will allow you to see the delicate carvings of countless mythological images. The Kailasa or Kashi of the south is how people frequently refer to this majestic temple. Air or Vayu is the element that the temple symbolizes out of the five (Pancha Bhoota). With its elaborate shrines and captivating beauty, the location has the potential to attract tourists. It also exudes a wealth of vivacious, Holy Spirit. Srikalahasti is a superb example of South Indian temple design, whose ornate gopurams and vast, delicately carved interiors reveal the wonderful treasures of the Dravidian school of design.
  • Distance: Srikalahasti temple is 88 kilometres fromchittoor

  • Tada Falls: In India's Chittoor district, Tada Falls, sometimes referred to as Ubbalamudugu Falls, is a stunning waterfall that is close to the Tricity and Oneness Temple. The crystal-clear waterfall that cascades down the rocks from a towering height of almost 100 m is a sight to behold. In close proximity to the location, there is Siddulaiah Kona Forest, which is regarded as one of the city's top tourist attractions and a great spot for hiking, trekking, and other forest-related activities. Additionally, Tada Falls is well-known for its breath-taking scenery, verdant surroundings, and ethereal hillocks.
  • Distance: Tada falls is 91 kilometres from chittoor

  • Kailasakona Waterfalls: Kailasakona Waterfalls, which are stunning perennial waterfalls with an intriguing backstory, are located in Nagari Valley not far from Tirupati. According to legend, Lord Kailasanatheshwara married Lord Venkateshwara Swami and Goddess Padmavati here and then practiced penance. At the Kailasakona waterfalls, the water is crystal pure, teeming with minerals, and thought to have therapeutic benefits. One can get to the waterfall's base, where all one can do is gape in awe at the breathtaking scene. Once you pass the 10 km marker on your journey to Puttur, turn left and continue driving for another 2 kilometers to get to the waterfall.
  • Distance: Kailasakona waterfalls is 71kilometres away from chittoor

  • Gurramkonda Fort: Near Madanapalle, on the Cuddapah (Kadapa)–Bangalore route, in the Chittoor district, Gurramkonda (Gurram-Konda means Horse-hill), is a hill-fort. A 500-foot hill with three nearly perpendicular sides is where the fort is located. Under the authority of the Vijayanagara (Hampi) dynasty, the fort was initially built out of mud and rocks. Later, it was possessed by the Golconda sultans, who added rock walls to the defenses to make them more effective. The Marathas, CuddapahNawabs, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and ultimately the British all took control of the fort in the future.
  • Distance: Gurramkonda fort is 108.5 kilometres from Chittoor

How to Reach

  • Regular flights do not provide a good connection from Chittoor to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 67 kilometers away at Tirupati.
  • South India's Chittoor Railway Station is a well-known station.Regular trains link Chittoor to the rest of the nation, including the Sabari Express, Himsagar.The distance between Chittoor Railway Station to Chittoor new Bus Stand is 1 Km by road.

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