Dabhoi, Gujarat

Dabhoi is a town in the Vadodara district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Places to visit

  • Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary : Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, with its forests of teak and mahuda trees, bamboo, and other lush vegetation, is home to enormous populations of a variety of wildlife. The leopard is the dominant predator at the top of the food chain, and its numbers have lately increased. Wild boar, nilgai (the blue bull, Asia's largest antelope), jackal, hyena, barking deer, sloth bear, and chausingha are among the other enormous animals (the four-horned antelope).Prior to independence, the territory was part of the princely state of Jambughoda. Many tribal communities have long existed in the valleys tucked amid the well-forested hills. There are numerous hiking trails through the sanctuary's forests, and it also serves as an excellent camping location.
  • Distance: Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is 44 kilometres away from Dabhoi

  • Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite: This irrigation reservoir and wetland is 10 kilometers from Dabhoi and 20 kilometers from Jambughoda hamlet. It provides water to 25 local communities and is a renowned bird-watching location for species such as stork, tern, ibis, and spoonbill. To get here, you will have to rent a vehicle from Dabhoi, taking the Nanderi Gate route. It is a wetland that also contains an ecotourism campsite. The greatest time to visit the wetland is from October to March, as this is the main migration season for birds from all over the world.
  • Distance: Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite is 11 kilometres away from Dabhoi

  • Akota: Akota, as it is presently known, originated as a little village among Akola trees approximately a kilometer west of Vadodara. In the fifth century AD, it was regarded as a hub of Jainism and Jain studies. The 68 bronze statues of tirthankars unearthed thus far from the site are now housed at the Vadodara Museum and provide insight into metallic art at the time.
  • Distance: Akota is 34 kilometres away from Dabhoi

How to Reach

  • By Air - Flights to Vadodara Airport are the quickest ways to get from New Delhi to Dabhoi and it just takes a short distance to get there.
  • By Train - Gujarat's busiest railroad station is Vadodara Junction, which is also the closest station to Dabhoi. Shatabdi and Rajdhani, two high-speed railways, connect Vadodara with other regions of India.

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