Housing a phenomenal collection of aircrafts and other repositions of the Indian Military Aviation, the Air Force Museum in Delhi exhibits and delivers the complete story of the IAF through a range of photographs, armory, and other facts related to the splendid past of the air force of India.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm (Monday and Tuesday Closed)

Location: Palam, New Delhi

Entry Fees: Free

About Air Force Museum

Located in Palam, New Delhi, the Air Force Museum is a fine association of Indian Military Aviation and Indian Air Force which resulted in this one-of-a-kind and distinct museum. Housing a rich and miscellaneous collection of aircraft and armory that demarcate the history of the Indian Air Force, the museum is situated next to the gate of Palam Air Force Station and is an ideal location for aeronautics aficionados or anyone keen on getting an insight into the extensive past of the Indian Air Force. With a rich assortment of planes that have played or are playing a crucial role defending the country over the decades, the museum is a space rich in history, gallantry, and a paraphernalia of air force.

The museum has in its premises and boasts of a remarkable and impressive assortment of memorials, photographs, and artifacts along with several galleries that honor the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation. One of these galleries is named Annexe which showcases marvelous portraits of some of the dedicated officers who have foregone their lives to serve the nation and some of whom were the pioneers of the Indian Air Force. It also showcases some important artifacts that belong to the modern aviation history which includes photographs, Indo-Soviet Joint Manned Spaceship-Siyuz T-11 model, and mementoes.

The museum has three distinct segments on demonstration:


-the first section exhibits several photographs, aircraft models, and pictures of the late officers who gave up their lives during World War I and reiterate the history of the IAF.

-the second segment showcases various snaps of the officers who played a major role during World War II along with various arms and ammunitions that were detained from Pakistan back in 1966 and 1971, old uniforms of the Hawai Sepoys, and air force officers, and Ceremonial Swords.

-the third section of the museum exhibits important artifacts such as pictures, mementos, Indo-Soviet joint Manned Spaceship-Siyuz T-11, etc., which belong to contemporary aviation history.

Another important and fascinating gallery in the museum is the hanger which demonstrates 15 different types of military aircraft which is also the highlight of the museum and demands the attention of visitors of all ages. Amongst those crafts, Westland Lysander, Vickers Spitfire, the British Empire, the French Toofani, and Japanese Kamikaze Glider are some of the most prominent ones kept on display. Apart from this, an interesting segment in the museum is the Roll of Honor wall, where names of all the brave men have been inscribed who laid down their lives in the 1947 Kashmir Operation, skirmish of India & Pakistan during 1965 and 1971, and 1962 Chinese Aggression. A fascinating and informative place, the Air Force Museum in Delhi is definitely a sought-after place to make a visit with your friends and family.

Major Highlights of the Air Force Museum

  • Aircraft on display
  • Rockets on display
  • Historical pictures
  • Old Uniforms of Indian Air Force
  • Confiscated arms and ammunitions of Pakistan
  • Roll of Honor Wall
  • Photographs of Indian officer who sacrificed their lives in critical wars

How to Reach Air Force Museum

The nearest metro station from Air Force Museum is Sadar Bazar Can’t which lies on the magenta line. The museum is easily accessible from the station and is at a distance of a few meters from there.

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