National Children's Museum

Let your kids use their imaginative skills and boost their creativity via fun and interactive sessions and workshops offered by the National Children’s Museum of National Bal Bhavan located in New Delhi. A fascinating place for children of all age groups, the National Children’s Museum provides the soil where the seeds of curiosity develop and the children have an ideal platform fitting to their artistic abilities.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9 am to 5:30 pm (Monday closed)

Location: 1 Kotla Road, Bal Bhavan, Mandi House, New Delhi

Entry Fees: Free

About the Museum

When you think of a museum the first thing that certainly does not come to mind is a place where children can enjoy and develop their cognitive skills, but rather a place thronged by researchers and grown-ups. So, is there even a need for a museum exclusively for children? We often forget about the natural curiosity that the children are instilled with, to explore the world around them, the curious urge to find reason or answer to every incidence, and their creative instincts are some of the qualities that a museum can help them get satisfied.

It is significant to have such a place where children are able to learn in an informal way without the need for books, the obligation of examination, and control of the formal system of education, and the National Bal Bhavan has come up with an ideal place for children, known as The Children’s Museum in New Delhi. The museum has thus been established for a special group of youngsters taking into account a child’s psychology and his way of perceiving the world. The museum offers a vibrant collection of exhibits along with several participatory activities where children are welcome to experiment, observe, and evaluate. Not only this, the museum houses a rich assortment of items that enthrall children which comprises toys and dolls from distinct countries, stone and bronze items, traditional accessories, art & craft material, musical devices, head hear, currencies from several countries, etc. The Children’s Museum of National Bal Bhavan in Delhi is a one-of-a-kind museum of the country and enjoys a national status as a source for elevating and strengthening the knowledge of children.

National Bal Bhavan also organizes seminars and workshops themed on topics that are fascinating to children and the learning happens in a fun and effective manner. The galleries in the museum are divided into two categories: Permanent Exhibitions and Temporary Exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibitions

The following are the permanent exhibitions which are the main highlight of the museum.

Temporary Exhibition

This is the gallery where different theme-based exhibitions are held from time to time which is usually children’s Creative Work. It is put up every year and is dedicated to the creativity of children.

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