Purana Quila Museum

Visit the Purana Qila Museum in New Delhi get edified about our ancient capital city and all the dynasties and kingdoms it has been a part of from centuries ago. Depicting the history of the city in a fascinating and comprehensible manner, the Purana Qila Museum is located inside the Old Fort and welcomes hundreds of visitors every day.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm (Friday closed)

Location: Purana Qila, Mathura Road, New Delhi

Entry Fees: Rs 5

About the Museum

The majestic and magnificent Purana Qila in Delhi is one of the most popular attractions of the capital city and witnesses thousands of visitors every day at its premises. Though the fort is considered to be from the Mughal era, a recent archaeological study dates it back to the 3rd century BC, the pre-Mauryan period. But we seldom know about this edifice and the history related to the city. The city of Delhi is also laid with numerous museums that give us insight into the city along with many other things and the Purana Qila Museum is one such museum that narrates the story of Purana Qila or Old Fort and traces the historical evolution of various kingdoms.

The museum not only tells us about Purana Qila but also serves the purpose of preserving all the information about the several kingdoms and dynasties that rules over the ancient city of Delhi. Exhibiting the history of several dynasties the Purana Qila Museum is one of the sought-after museums of history not only because of the information it delivers but the way it is presented in a comprehensible manner. There are charts, documents, manuscripts, and photographs that illustrate every dynasty and kingdom along with their rulers and their ruling period. The museum also showcases remains of several dynasties that have been preserved through years for visitors to see. Several tools and objects that date back to the Maurya period, Sunga period, Saka-Kushan period, and Gupta period are put on display in the museum that has been excavated from the Purana Qila during the 90s.

The city of Delhi is believed to be more than 5000 years old and is considered to be established by the Pandavas with the name Indraprastha. Despite being such a rich and vibrant history, people are not aware of it because many facts and details have been lost over the period of time. The Purana Qila Museum is an ideal place for all the history buffs and anyone interested to have a deeper insight into the antiquity of Delhi and all the fascinating stories it lies within its four walls.

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