Gauripur, Assam

In the Dhubri district of the Indian state of Assam, the Gauripur Town Committee administers the semi-urban town of Gauripur. Gauripur's architect, Zamindar of Rangamati Raza Pratap Chandra Baruah Raza Baruah allegedly came upon a frog that was devouring a snake while out hunting one day. This strange and unheard-of sight shocked him. He believed it to be some type of mystical message for him because he was such a fervent follower of Goddess Mahamaya. Soon after, he built a shrine for the goddess Mahamaya and gave the area the name Gauripur in honor of Mahamaya's moniker "Gauri." He even changed Rangamati to Gauripur as the seat of his Zamindari.

Places to visit

  • Mahamaya Dham: Compares favorably in terms of pilgrim and tourist attractiveness to Madan-Mohan (Cooch Behar) and Kamakhya Dham (Guwahati). The well-known mother goddess Mahamaya of Parvatjowar was worshipped by locals including the Kacharies, Koches, and Nath. It was Parvatjowar's presiding deity, Jaminder. All Hindus in Assam now worship Mother Mahamaya after the goddess attained global acclaim.
  • Distance: Mahamaya Dham is 26 kilometres away from Gauripur

  • Rangamati Mosque : In the 17th century, Bengal's Governor Hussain Shah built the renowned Rangamati Mosque. By virtue of its particular architectural design, this mosque can be dated to the pre-Mughal era. It should be recalled that the Koch rulers once enjoyed considerable wealth in the Rangamati region. For the Koch monarchs, it also acted as a frontier checkpoint. During the Mughal era, Rangamati was a significant fort of the advancing Mughal Army. The Mohmmedan Soldiers utilized this odd mosque as a place of worship. The building of an idgah and a deep well also took place at the same time.
  • Distance: Rangamati Mosque is 16 kilometres away from Gauripur

  • Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur Sahibji: On the banks of the magnificent Brahmaputra River, this old Gurudwara is situated in the heart of Dhubri Town. While traveling from Dhaka to Assam in 1505 A.D., Sikh Guru Nanaka stopped here and encountered Mahapurush Sri Sankardeva. The 9th Guru, Tegbahadur, arrived at this spot later and founded this Gurudwara in the 17th century. Every December, Sikh believers from all across India and beyond congregated to this Gurudwara to solemnly and ceremonially remember Sri Guru Tegbahadur's martyrdom. Sikh worshipers referred to this occasion as Sahidee-Guru-Parav.
  • Distance: Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur Sahibji is 10 kilometres away from Gauripur

  • Chakrasila Hill Wildlife Sanctuary: In 1994, the Indian government designated the 4558.7-hectare Chakrasila Hill Reserve Forest as the Chakrasila Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. The districts of Dhubri and Kokrajhar are where this sanctuary is situated. A vast variety of wildlife can find a variety of habitats because to the diversity of plant types found in Chakrasila. The important golden langur lives in the Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary along with other creatures including the leopard, leopard cat, porcupine, pangoline, flying squirrel, civet cat, and others. Adjutant Stork, Indian Owl, Myna, Parrakit, Dove, Hornbill, Jungle Fowl, Kingfisher, Harren, Darter, Snipe, Teal, and other common birds are only a few examples. There have been discoveries of the Python, Monitor, Crait, Cobra, Turtle, Tead, and Frog among reptiles and amphibians.
  • Distance: Chakrasila Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is 67 kilometres away from Gauripur

How to Reach

  • The train takes 2 hours and 28 minutes to get from Alipur Duar to Gauripur. At 15:55:00, the train leaves Alipur Duar NOQ and arrives at 18:2300 at Gauripur GUP. Friday is when this train runs. This train takes 3 hours to get from Alipur Duar to Gauripur. It arrives in Gauripur at 18:00:00 after departing from Alipur Duar NOQ.

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