colva beach

colva beach


Goa, the state full of picturesque beaches and happening party spots is a popular vacation destination for the people of India. Among many beaches in Goa, Colva beach is one of the most famous and most visited beaches here. The enchanting Colva beach stretching for over 2.5km is located in South Goa and is known for its powdery white sands dotted with towering coconut trees and turquoise waves enhancing its beauty. The beach looks even more striking during sunsets with shacks and nightclubs around to add to the marvel.

Nestled on the shorelines of a charming coastal village of Goa, Colva beach is truly a splendid retreat spot for tourists all over the world. The beach is popular for a lot of reasons and some of them are the thrilling watersports that are available here, nightclubs to party all night, and the peaceful walks alongside the shore in the stunning sunsets. While the beach is tranquil for peace-lovers, it lights up at night and turns into a party spot for our party buffs.

As you explore the beach, you will see unusual huts and beach shacks all through the coastline. There is a substantial Portuguese influence in the area that is eminent all through the town since the wealthy Portuguese and Britishers too used this beach as their exclusive vacation spot. Several beach shacks, hotels, small souvenir shops, and remains of ancient Portuguese architecture can also be seen here.

Things to Do in Colva Beach


Water Sports

Enjoy a rush of adrenaline participating in the many watersports available here. Book your tickets for watersports such as jet ski, water jet ride, banana boat ride, bumper ride, parasailing, and even scuba diving.



Some many small shops and stalls sell accessories, handicraft items, spices, musical instruments, and other souvenirs around the beach area. Do try the flea market and night market to grab some profitable deals.


Night parties

Colva beach is one of the best party spots in South Goa with numerous nightclubs and pubs near the area. Enjoy the beach during the day and dance through the night to have the best time of your life.


Sun Lounging

The Colva beach has a tranquil ambiance to lie down on the beach lounges and bask in the warmth of the sun. the beach umbrellas are also available if you need one.


Beach Shacks

The beach shacks are the perfect spot to rest for a bit to have some delectable food and drinks on the beach while viewing the spectacular landscape of the beach. Shacks such as Rafael’s, Pedro’s, The Baggie’s Cafe, Esco’s Sun are some of the best beach shacks in Colva beach.

Places to Visit Near Colva Beach

Colva beach is surrounded by many attractive tourist spots that must not be missed if you are visiting the beach. Grab your camera and get set to have some incredible Instagram worthy shots in the stunning locations of Goa.

1. Colva Church

2. Varca Beach

3. Burnzam Ghor

4. Church of Our Lady of Mercy

5. Goa Chitra Museum

Places to Eat and Enjoy Nightlife In-and-Around Colva Beach

Mouth-watering food and vibrant nightlife await you in the Colva beach area. Relish and devour the delectable cuisines from all over India and have some devilish fun on the dance floor of the night clubs with a drink in your hands.

1. Leda-Lounge and Resort

2. The Garden Restaurant

3. The Madras Cafe

4. Arabian Courtyard

5. Wendy’s Fire

6. Club Sunshine

How to Reach Colva Beach?

From Panaji : The distance from Panaji to Colva beach is about 27km. Hail a cab to the beach or drive yourself which will take about 45-minutes to reach. This is the most convenient way to reach the beach from Panaji.

From Goa International Airport: From the airport, you can either take a taxi or drive a car rental to reach the beach. The distance is 23km and it takes approx. 30-minutes to reach. Time to reach the distance may vary depending on the traffic conditions.


Best Time to Visit Colva Beach

You can visit the beach at any time of the year because Colva is located in a coastal area and the weather remains moderate throughout the year. However, the visitors from different parts of India prefer the time between October to March making it specifically crowded during this time. You too can choose to visit during these months if you want to escape from the cold weather that engulfs most of the cities in India during this time. Catch the gorgeous sunsets at evenings and gaze at the stunning migratory birds that flock here during these months.

Colva beach

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