Goalpara, Assam

The district seat of Goalpara district, Assam, India, is Goalpara (pron.). 134 kilometers to the west of Guwahati is where it is located. Goalpara has stunning natural scenery. One of the most picturesque vistas in the city is found on Hulukanda Hill, which is situated in the center of Goalpara on the bank of the Brahmaputra River and is home to many different species of waterfowl and monkeys. Other bodies of water exist, including the Hashila Beel, Kumri Beel, and Urpad Beel.

Places to visit

  • Surya Pahar : Average people have very little possibility of knowing about Surya Pahar. There is a lot of promise at this little-known archaeological site close to Goalpara, Assam. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to describe it as an archaeologist's gold mine. The English translation of Surya Pahar is "Hill of the Sun." According to the name, the location was once linked to a sun-worshiping sect. The neighborhood museum houses the archeological artifacts that have been found there. Surya Pahar is one of Assam's most significant ancient ruins heritage sites, located around 12 kilometers southeast of Goalpara. The mysterious location is now a ruin with no human occupants, while daytime traffic from nearby vendors and residents fills the area. Thousands of shivalingas are scattered over the site's uneven topography. An amalgam of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious artifacts, archaeological finds, and religious texts attest to Suraya Pahar's special distinction as being significant to the histories of three main religions.
  • Distance: Surya Pahar is 13 kilometres away from Goalpara

  • Manas National Park : Assam's Manas National Park is a Project Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve, and Biosphere Reserve in addition to being a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Manas is one of the best-kept national parks in India and the only tiger reserve in Assam. It is also well-known for the red panda and the uncommon golden langur. Manas is renowned for its diverse wildlife as well as its breathtaking scenery and unspoiled environment, which comprises a variety of forested hills, alluvial plains, and tropical evergreen forests. It is the second-largest tiger habitat in India. The area is renowned for having a large population of wild water buffalo. According to the IUCN Red Book, Manas is home to the most endangered species that are native to India. Sitting on an elephant allows you easy viewing of rhinos and tigers. Visitors to Manas can ride elephants from Mathanguri thanks to arrangements made by forest officials. Throughout the tea season, you can observe groups of tea pickers working. Between mid-October and the first week of December, as well as again between mid-March and the end of March, is when activity is at its peak.
  • Distance: Manas National Park is 76 kilometres away from Goalpara

  • Tukeswari: Legend has it that a piece of Goddess Sati fell here. On top of Tukeswari Hill, where there is also a temple devoted to Lord Shiva, is where the Tukeswari temple is located.
  • Distance: Tukeswari is 15 kilometres away from Goalpara

How to Reach

  • Guwahati is around 134 kilometers away from the Goalpara district of Assam, which is located to the city's west. The area is accessible to visitors from across the nation because to its efficient and well-connected transit system. By air, The Borjhar Airport, which is the one closest to the Goalpara district, is where one can get a flight. A flight to Shillong Airport is the alternate route for getting to the location. This lovely community is 124 kilometers away from the airport. Trains run frequently between the Goalpara town and other significant locations in the nation.

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