Godda, Jharkhand

In the Godda district of the Indian state of Jharkhand, there is a town named Godda that has a municipal council. The Godda district's administrative center is there.

Places to visit

  • Yogani Sakati Pith : Yakti Yogani Pith is it is located 2 kilometers from Pathergama, close to the settlement of Lakhanpahari, and has a religious component. According to tradition, Lord Shiva began Tandava Nirtya while carrying Sati’s burned body, and wherever a piece of Sati’s limb fell, a Shakti temple eventually sprung up. The thigh of Sati Uma is reported to have fallen here during the process. With intense devotion, a symbolic stone impression is being worshipped. When thousands of believers travel great distances on Tuesday and Saturday, it is believed to be a lucky day. The shrine exudes a sense of divine sublimity that serves to calm visitors and strengthen their faith.
  • Distance: Yakti Yogani Pith is 17 kilometers away from Godda

  • Basantrai : Anybody who dared to do so would end up encircled at his feet and dragged to a watery death. It is also said that when marriages or other social ceremonies took place, the tank was invited, and anyone asking for the utensils they needed for the event would miraculously find them in the water of the tank. These materials had a purpose, thus they had to return to the tank or else they would suffer tragedy or misfortune. Hindus continue to hold this idea in high regard and still rely on it. On its bank, a sizable MELA (fair) is held for 15 days starting on the Chaita Sankranti festival, or April 14th.
  • Distance: Basantrai is 25 kilometers away from Godda

  • Sundar Dam : The Sundar Dam, which was constructed on the Sundar River close to the hamlet of Rajabhitha, northeast of Pathargama, is the greatest irrigation project in this region and a well-liked tourist attraction. The 75-foot-deep dam was constructed between 1970 and 1978.
  • Distance: Sundar Dam is 29 kilometers away from Godda

How to Reach

  • By Air - Godda is not well connected by regular flights to other significant cities in the nation. Jessore, which is 148 kilometers away, is home to the closest airport.
  • By Train - There are no consistent trains running to Godda from other significant cities in the nation. Deoghar, 65 km away, is the location of the closest railway station.

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