Paradise Beach

paradise beach


Also known as the Full Moon Beach, Paradise Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka is the final beach in the Gokarna town and an amazing place to relax, far-flung from the civilization and in the lap of nature. Paradise Beach is 150m long and has 70% of it devoured in hard rocks and the rest in beautiful white sand. Relish the surreal and therapeutic sound of the waves crashing against the hard rocks on the white sand while you camp alongside the beach.

Until a few years back, Paradise Beach was visited by liberals who loved exploring nature, and the place used to be known as a hippie location. Till now, the sandy beach is loved by many travelers including foreigners from around the world who love to spend time here. It is also said that the foreigners in the early days did not want the Indians to come to the beach and hence restricted their entry.

The beach is a great location for anyone wanting to camp out and spend some soulful time out in nature under the bright star-studded sky. There is also a well filled with fresh water which makes it even more convenient for cooking and a great option for camping. The water force at this beach is a bit strong and therefore it is not wise to dive and swim too far away. If you are planning to go on a trek, make sure to come back before sunset as the rocks might make it difficult to walk and it can be fatal if it is too dark. The mobile connectivity is not very good there because of the seclusion of the beach, but you will be able to make contact if you come near the entrance of the beach.

Overall, a very soothing and amazing place to spend time with your buddies or family members. If you want to spend some time in solitude, then Paradise Beach is a great escape from the usual routine and the hustle-bustle of the city.

Things To Do at Paradise Beach

Since it is not a beach bustling with people all the time and is a bit secluded too, there is not an abundance of activities that can be done here. But when you visit this stunning place, here are some activities you can coddle yourself in.


Trekking on the Beach

One of the very obvious and common activity to on Paradise Beach is to trek along the shore. The Full Moon Beach or Paradise Beach on the Gokarna district is not spoilt by a large human intervention and thus is scenery to behold. The trek is not very difficult to make and if you wish, you can walk backward to other beaches and take a boat ride back to Paradise Beach, which, in itself, is a very engaging activity.


Do Yoga

Yoga done on a calm white sand beach with the breeze blowing away your hair, is a must-experience activity. You can search and ask groups of people who prefer doing yoga on the sandy beach or if there is no one available, then you must do it all by yourself. the soft white sand, the sound of the waves lashing, and the gentle breeze will put you in peace.



One of the most amazing activities to indulge yourself in on this beach is camping. The beach is in a secluded area and makes a great spot to do camping with friends. The freshwater well makes it easier to cook and you don’t have to carry liters of water with you. Set up a bonfire or take a long quiet walk along the shore, taking in the scent of the salty water, the cold breeze on your face, and the stunning starry night sky.


Water Sports

Relish the feel of splashing water and enjoy the adrenaline rush with a variety of water sports offered at the beach. Though the water sports are not entertained throughout the year because of the changing current of water and the weather if you are lucky enough do try one of the sports as it is not an activity to be missed.

Places To Visit Near Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach might be a secluded place and a perfect destination for a much-needed break from the hectic life, it is also surrounded by many other great spots which you should definitely visit once you are there.

1. Om Beach

2. Kudle Beach

3. Half Moon Beach

4. Shri Mahabaleshwar Temple

5. Shiva Cave

6. Yanna

Places To Enjoy Delicacies and Nightlife Near Paradise Beach

Once you are there and don’t feel like camping or cooking by yourself, there are several great restaurants and pubs where you can have delectable food and dance away the night for a perfect weekend. All the places mentioned here are just a few kilometers from the beach and you can reach the place by trekking easily.

1. Namaste Cafe

2. White Elephant Restaurants & Cottages

3. Om Ds Cafe

4. Half-Way House Food Point

5. Gokarna Stops Cafe

6. Mantra Cafe

How to Reach?

Paradise Beach or the Full Moon Beach is not accessible directly from the road and you will have to either take a boat or trek from Half Moon Beach or Om Beach to reach the beautiful Paradise Beach. Motorboats can be arranged easily from either of the former beaches and if you don’t like the idea of taking a motorboat, then you can easily trek to Paradise Beach which usually takes 20-30 minutes.


Best Time to Visit

The Gokarna village experiences southwest monsoon from June to August which is not an ideal time to visit the place as the tides can be too high. The best time to visit the beach is from October to March as the weather remains pleasant unlike in April and May which rise to 100-degree Fahrenheit and gets very hot and sticky with humidity.

The place is very unpredictable during monsoon; hence this is not a very safe time to visit Paradise beach as it is a bit secluded and the phone reception does not work properly here. So, the best time to visit this beach is from October to March because you get neither heavy rains nor very scorching weather.

Paradise Beach

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