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Gokarna is a town on the Arabian Sea in the Karnataka state of southwestern India. It is well-known for holy places like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which features a shrine devoted to the god Shiva, making it a famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus. Koti Teertha is a nearby temple tank where worshippers bathe in the divine water. Beaches in the town include Kudle and Om farther south as well as the center's palm-lined Gokarna beach.Gokarna experiences a humid, warm climate throughout the year. The dry season is hot and partially cloudy. The average annual temperature ranges from 73 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 69 or rising over 93.

Places To Visit

  • Om Beach, Gokarna : Om Beach is a beautiful beach in the town of Gokarna. This beach, shaped like the symbol "Om," provides thrill seekers a variety of adventure activities. This beach's sunset view will be remembered for a lifetime. On the sides, it is frequently bordered with shacks that offer cheap housing and eateries with multinational menus. Om Beach also offers a variety of exciting water sports activities such as speedboats and surfing. Visitors can also go boating here. Om Beach's name comes from its shape, which is made up of two connected semicircles. Many tourists are drawn here by the unusual black rock formations. At this lovely beach, one can see fishing boats, little restaurants, and crows flying high in the sky. Many people are compelled by this beach's beauty to even cross the danger zone, which is denoted by a red line, in order to play in the crashing waves. With some mind-blowing vistas amidst the rough landscape, this location is a photographer's paradise.
  • How to Reach Om Beach: Om Beach can be reached quickly from a variety of transportation options and is well connected to the main city. A local cab or a bus can be used to travel to Om Beach from the town of Gokarna. Travelers can even take an autorickshaw ride, depending on the specific location, to get to this lovely beach, which is followed by a little descent.

  • Paradise Beach, Gokarna : Paradise Beach, the fourth beach along the coast of Gokarna Town, is also well-known as "Full Moon Beach." Approximately 150 meters long and situated in the state of Karnataka, Paradise Beach is totally made up of rocks across nearly 70% of its length. The remainder of the beach is covered in fine, white sand. Although there aren't many opportunities for water sports here, swimming in the calm waters is a wonderful way to unwind. The calm surroundings of the beach provide a wonderful opportunity to relax and spend time in nature. It won't take you more than 20 minutes to get there if you choose this path. Paradise Beach once had a reputation for being a hippy sanctuary because of the cannabis trade that occurred here. As soon as the government authorities noticed this, all of these antisocial acts were stopped, shacks were destroyed, and all sorts of commercial activity were outlawed in this area. It's the perfect location for camping because the beach has a freshwater well nearby. This well's water is pure and suitable for drinking. Swimming is really pleasurable here, however because of the powerful currents; swimming far from the coast is dangerous. The adjacent communities also offer native cuisine for visitors to sample.
  • How to Reach Paradise Beach: No roads lead to Paradise Beach; instead, Half Moon Beach and Om Beach are the only ways to get there. To get to Paradise Beach from one of the aforementioned beaches, visitors must rent a motor boat. A quick hike from Half Moon Beach will bring you to this beach as well.

  • Kudle Beach, Gokarna : One of the many beaches in Gokarna is Kudle Beach, which is close to Om Beach. This beach, which is entirely deserted, provides the most calm and quiet atmosphere for taking in a sunset, strolling down the sand, or just sitting and watching the tides flow in and out without stopping. As Kudle Beach is not overrun by huge tourist groups and thus has a very small crowd and is quite tranquil, many locals prefer this beach for a morning or evening walk or for practicing yoga. Except from November to February, when it experiences its busiest season, the beach is typically deserted. During this time, however, it is overrun with foreign visitors and backpackers looking for seclusion. The water is tranquil and shallow enough to take a bath or just dip your feet, but it's best to exercise caution. There are a few genuine hotels in the area if you want to spend the night, although they are frequently booked up in the high season. However, the locals also erected ad-hoc shelters and shacks for temporary housing and food from around October to March. They are not the ideal choice, but they are one. If you consider yourself an adventurous person, spending the night in a little hut on the beach while listening to the waves is as idyllic as it gets.
  • How to Reach Kudle Beach: From Gokarna's main bus stop, it takes around a kilometer and fifteen minutes to walk to Kudle Beach. Although there is a fair distance to walk from the drop-off site to the beach, tourists can take an auto from there. Om Beach, which is close by and is a 10-minute drive away, also offers boat and ferry rentals.

  • Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna : The Atmalinga is a 6-foot-tall Shivalinga that is revered in this temple. It is a famous illustration of the elegance of Dravidian architecture and was constructed using white granite. The principal deity is a standing stone idol of Lord Shiva that dates back to 1500 years. The temple is claimed to be as important as Kashi and has been mentioned in the Hindu mythology of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, garnering it the moniker "Dakshin" (South) Kashi. Devotees can only see the summit of the Atmalinga. However, the complete Atmalinga is displayed to the devotees at the Ashta Bandana Kumbhahishekam, a festival that takes place once every 40 years. According to tradition, visitors must first visit the Maha Ganapathi Temple, which is directly across from the temple, take a bath in the Karwar Beach, and then only visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple.
  • How to Reach Mahabaleshwar Temple: There are only 600 meters between the Gokarna bus station and Banglegudda's main bus stop.

  • Gokarna Beach, Gokarna: The several-kilometer-long Gokarna Beach is located on the outskirts of the temple town. Due to its gorgeous lengths of sand and unspoiled surroundings, it has recently grown in prominence as a top beach destination. Before foreign visitors began to swarm the coastline, locals in Gokarna rarely visited the beaches. Many residents soon started opening specialty cafes, beach shacks, and shops selling gifts. The Gokarna hippie culture is present here, and strolling along the shoreline is special because you will pass by a lot of cafes and shacks.
  • How to Reach Gokarna Beach: Gokarna is within a few hours from both Bangalore and Goa. A number of private operators also offer buses from Bangalore to Gokarna, in addition to the KSRTC's numerous buses that travel the routes from Bangalore to Mangalore, Panjim, and Hubli. You may go to this location by car as well.

How to Reach

  • All major cities in Karnataka can be reached by train and by road from Gokarna. The closest airport is 150 kilometres away, at Dabolim, Goa. Ten kilometres separate the city core from the Gokarna railway station. There are bus services from Bangalore and Goa as well.


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