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The Indian state of Karnataka contains the city of Jamkhandi in its Bagalkot district. The former princely state of Jamkhandi used it as its administrative centre. Its 90 kilometres west of the district administrative hub. It is the first princely state to be integrated into constituent India as a consequence of the plea for Jamkhandi to become a district. With a projected population of 601,825 in 2022, Jamkhandi is a taluka in the state of Karnataka. The district is divided by it. The taluks of Mudhol, Bilagi, Rabakavi-Banahatti, Teradal, and Jamakhandi are all part of the subdivision known as Jamakhandi.

Jamkhandi experiences short, warm, miserable winters that are rainy, windy, and partially cloudy as well as hot, humid, dry summers.

Places To Visit

  • Patwardhan Palace : The Patwardhan dynasty, which controlled the state of Jamkhandi for a century and a half, is symbolised by the Patwardhan Palace. Jamkhandi served as the might be state's capital when ShrimantGopalraoPatwardhan established Jamkhandi state in 1811. The state was once ruled by the British, but in 1948 it joined with India. The Jambukeshwar Temple served as the inspiration for the state's name. Places such as that are nearby patwardhan palace for Visit Rameshwar, Ganesh, Ramteerha Lake.
  • Badami : Badami is located 66 kilometres distant from Jamkhandi. The ideal time period is from July to March. The Indian town of Badami, which is located in the Bagalkot district in North Karnataka, was formerly known as Vatapi. The BadamiChalukyas established this place as their capital between 540 and 757 AD. The Agastya Lake is surrounded by sanctuaries made of sandstone rock caverns, which are well recognised in this area. Three of the four cave temples are devoted to Hindu gods, while one is a Jain shrine. Stone steps link the interior caverns.
  • Pattadakal: Pattadakal Approximately 124 kilometres away from Jamkhandi which can visit ideal time frame are from September to March. On the banks of the Malaprabha River in the Karnataka district of Bagalkot, there lays a World Heritage Site called Pattadakl. The temples of Pattadakal are well-known. Which were built 7 th century devoted to hindujangods .hindu temples are deducated to shiva which depicts various stories from the hindu epics like mahabaratramayana and bhagavadkuran.Thejan temple is known as the jan Narayana temple and it built using sand stones with several sculptures crved out of grinit. Families and those with an interest in archaeology and architecture should visit this location. A small town in north Karnataka in the Bagalkot districtPattadakal was once known as Raktapura. It is well-known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and expesanal temples with great architectural Megalithic dolmens provide proof that the Pattadakal region was populated in prehistoric periods.

How to Reach

  • Airports near Jamkhandi- The nearest airport to Jamkhandi is Belgaum Airport which is 101.5 km away. Other nearby airports include Goa 198.9 km .
  • Rail Stations Connecting Jamkhandi- Chinchili is one of the nearest station 47kilometers for Jamkhandi other nearby stationkudachi which is 49kilometers and also you can find local bus and cabs to reach several destination


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