Jhajjar, Haryana

Jhajjar is a town in the Haryana state of India's Jhajjar region. It is located along the route that links CharkhiDadri to Delhi, Gurgaon to Bhiwani, Loharu to Meerut, and Rewari to Rohtak. 55 kilometers to the west of Delhi is Jhajjar. Jhajjar is renowned for the bravery and fortitude of its military personnel.

Places to visit

  • Pandavas Bhimeshwari Temple : Temple of the Pandavas Bhimeshwari. There is a mythological undertone to this old temple. Many historians assert that BhÄ«ma, one of the five Pandava siblings, was responsible for laying the goddess' idol to rest. According to legend, BhÄ«ma and his sibling Yudhishthira visited the Hingley Mountain and beseeched the cherished goddess to grant them victory. This ancient location has a variety of features that can satisfy all of your interests while you're there. According to many experts, everyone should go here at least once in their lives.
  • Distance: Pandavas Bhimeshwari Templeis 17 kilometers away fromJhajjar

  • Ratnagarh Farms : Ratnagarh Farms is a nine-acre expanse of lush farming that offers each visitor an educational and enjoyable experience. The Haryana tourist office is aware of it. The verdant fields and domestic activity will delight you. As it is a great location for overnight camping and outings, people who typically explore Jhajjar come here. Additionally, you can participate in a variety of natural activities, including seeding and cropping, permaculture, dairying, and livestock.
  • Distance: Ratnagarh Farms is 20kilometers away fromJhajjar

  • Gurukul Jhajjar Museum : The Gurukul Jhajjar Museum is one such place that makes Jhajjars very proud. The state's largest and most stunning museum is there. Swami OmanandSaraswati, one of the most well-known individuals of his time, made the difficult and arduous sacrifices necessary to create this special memorial. In 1959, he brought antiques he had gathered from various parts of India into the construction of the Gurukul Jhajjar museum. People frequently travel to this unusual location to view the exquisite statues and old coins. The prototypes of Panchwati's deer monument, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Ganesha draw a large number of visitors each year.
  • Distance: Gurukul Jhajjar Museum is 3.9kilometers away fromJhajjar

How to Reach

  • By Air-Regular flights do not provide good access from Jhajjar to other significant towns in the nation. New Delhi, 44 kilometers away, is home to the closest airport.
  • By Train- There are no regular trains to Jhajjar from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Rohtak which is located at a distance of 31kms.

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