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Jharkhand is known for its bright and peppy traditions, intriguing culture, paintings and vivid art scene, and festive celebrations soaked in traditions.

The important festivals of Jharkhand include: Karam, Sarna and Nawakhani (major harvest festivals of the state) and Sohrai (a cattle festival). Other common festivals like Dussehra and Diwali are also celebrated in the state.

Jharkhand has many folk dances that are performed regularly in the state, such as: Jhumair, Chhau, and Domkach. The state also has a tattoo tradition called Godna, which is part of its culture.


Hindi is the official language of the state of Jharkhand. Besides Hindi, people in different regions within the state have their own languages and dialects, such as: Nagpuri, Khortha, Kurmali, Magahi and Bhojpuri.

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