JhumriTelaiya, Jharkhand

A city called JhumriTelaiya is located in the Koderma District of Jharkhand, India's Koderma Subdivision.

Places to visit

  • Telaiya Dam : In Koderma District, Telaiya Dam was the first dam to be constructed. The dam really measures 1200 feet in length and is 100 feet above sea level. With a 4 MW capacity, Tilaiya Dam is the main electric power plant. At this time, the dam serves as a tourist attraction by giving visitors a wonderful experience.
  • Distance: Telaiya Dam is 15 kilometers away from JhumriTelaiya

  • Sainik School Tilaiya : Sainik College An old educational establishment called Tilaiya was founded on September 16, 1963. This college is well recognized for its extracurricular activities and for training army units.
  • Distance: Sainik School Tilaiyais 14 kilometers away from JhumriTelaiya

  • Hazaribagh National Park : In Jharkhand State's Hazaribagh National Park, a significant wildlife reserve, you can find tigers, panthers, sambhars, spotted deer, bisons, and many different kinds of birds. JhumriTelaiya Town is located 43 kilometers from the park, which opened its doors in 1976.
  • Distance: Hazaribagh National Parkis 50kilometers away from JhumriTelaiya

  • SammedShikhar : SammedShikhar also known as Parasnath Hill is a popular hill station as well as a pilgrimage of Jain’s situated in Giridih district in Jharkhand State. It is placed at a height of 1,350 meters from the mean level of sea. This most sacred place of Jains is located 80 km away from the midpoint of JhumriTelaiya Town.
  • Distance: SammedShikharis 80kilometers away from JhumriTelaiya

  • Sonbhandar Caves :Sonbhandar Caves, two rock-cut caves that are located extremely close to one another at the south side bottom of the Vaibhar Hill, are considered to be one of the most intriguing and mysterious ancient structures. These caves are currently a very well-known tourist destination, and the front is exquisitely adorned. Two caverns, known as the eastern and western caves, are also part of the Son Bhandar series of caves. These caverns are believed to be Jain and date to the third or fourth century.
  • Distance: Sonbhandar Cavesis 73kilometers away from JhumriTelaiya

How to Reach

  • By Air-The Jharkhand state capital of Ranchi 162 kilometers has the closest airport.
  • By Train-Koderma railway station in JhumriTelaiya is on the Grand Chord railway line of East Central Railway connecting Calcutta and Delhi via Dhanbad.

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