Kapadvanj, Gujarat

Kapadvanj is a town and taluka in Gujarat's Kheda district. It is located on the banks of the Mohar River. Ahmedabad is 65 kilometers away, and Vadodara is 93 kilometers away.

Places to visit

  • GalteshwarMahadev Temple : Galteshwar is a historical and religious monument in the Thasra taluka of Gujarat's Kheda district. This sacred site is situated at the sangam (junction) of the Mahisagar and Galti rivers. This GalteshwarMahadev, located 10 to 12 kilometers from the famous Dakor'sThakorji, attracts over 25 lakh worshippers and tourists each year. This temple is currently empty of the peak, despite repeated indecisive attempts to complete the incomplete summit.
  • Distance: GalteshwarMahadev Temple is 41 kilometres away from Kapadvanj

  • Santram Temple Nadiad : Shree Santram was an Avadhut saint. Because Shree SaintramMaharaj came from Girnar, he was also known as GirnarBawa, VidhayBaava, or Sukh-Sagji. Shree SaintramMaharaj arrived in 1872 and stayed for 15 years as a spiritual remedy before passing away on the full moon day of 1887.
  • Distance: Santram Temple Nadiad is 64 kilometres away from Kapadvanj

  • Ranchhodrai Dakor Temple : In ancient times, Dankarishi made Mahadev pleased by penance; the temple of DunkahnathMahadev stood on the Gomati shore, and the name of the town suggested by Dankarshijan was Dankpur; today it's known as Dakor . Dakor is home to tourist attractions such as DunkanathMahadev, Padukaji, Gangabai Tula, Sri Lakshmiji's temple, Shardamatha, Radhakunda, MangalSeewandham, Gomtighat, and Naukavihar. Nadiad, a prominent temple in central Gujarat , is 35 kilometers away.
  • Distance: RanchhodraiDakor Templeis 32kilometres away from Kapadvanj

  • KundVav : The troops felt safe camping in Kapadwanj when SiddharajJaysingh arrived in Kheda district. It was a forest-covered land.SomadatPandit of Siddharaja is supposed to have suffered leprosy. Kundavav slipped in a puddle in front of him, and his sickness died as a result. Dharmisth King decided to create KundVav after witnessing thiswonders.Narayan Dev and Mahalakshmi statues were discovered during excavation and remain at Kapadwanj.
  • Distance: KundVavis 650metresaway from Kapadvanj

How to Reach

  • By Air- Airports near Kapadvanj's surroundings Ahmedabad International Airport 53 kilometers away.
  • By Train- Kapadvanj Rail Way Station is one of the railway stations that is relatively close to Kapadvanj.

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