Dakor, Gujarat

Mahemdavad is a town in the Kheda district of Gujarat , India.

Places to visit

  • Siddhivinayak Temple : Siddhivinayak Temple, also known as Shree SiddhivinayakDevasthan or Siddhivinayak Mandir Mahemdavad, is devoted to Lord Shree Ganesha and is located on the Mahemdabad- Ahmedabad highway, about 2 kilometers from Mahemdavad, on the bank of River Vatrak. The temple's construction began in 2011 on a 22-acre site and was finished in one year under the direction of temple visionary Late Daibaji and NarendrabhaiPurohit. The temple is designed in the shape of Lord Ganesha, and the Ganesha idol stands 83 feet tall. The sacred light of the MehamdabadGanpati Mandir was carried reverently from Mumbai's Siddhivinayak Temple and built in a 600,000-square-foot area. The Ganesha statue at the MahemdavadSiddhivinayaka temple is identical to the one at the Mumbai Siddhivinayaka temple. A replica of Lord Shree Ganesha's idol from many temples throughout the world is also housed in the five-story temple. Siddhivinayak temples with white arches might be built on the banks of the Narmada or Vatrak rivers.
  • Distance: Siddhivinayak Templeis 1.5 kilometres away fromMahemdavad

  • VireshwarMahadev Temple : VireshwarMahadev Temple is an ancient Shivalaya dedicated to Lord Shiva found in the small village of Shinhuj in the Mahemdavad Taluka of Gujarat's Kheda region. This mandir is well-known among Lord Shiva devotees as one of Gujarat's ancient Shiva temples. According to local legend, a year ago, one cow offered abhishek milk at this holy site, and Shivlinga was discovered during excavation. As a result, the people of this town chose to construct Shivalaya here; it is also claimed that the Pandavas resided here during their exile, and this location is known as BheemDhara. Devotees of Lord Shiva also thought that Shivlinga'sheight grew somewhat each year, and those who wanted their children to worship Lord Shiva at VireshwarMahadev Temple did so.
  • Distance: VireshwarMahadev Temple is60 kilometres away fromMahemdavad

How to Reach

  • By Air-The nearest airport to the district is Vadodara, which is roughly 81 kilometers away from Mahemdavad.
  • By Train-The primary railway station in the district is Nadiad Junction, which is also the closest railway station to Mahemdavad.

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