Kheda, Gujarat

Kheda, also known as Kaira, is a town in Gujarat, India. It was the district's former administrative capital. Vallabhbhai Patel, India's first Deputy Prime Minister was born in Gujarat's Kheda District. Kheda is well-known for its tobacco growing.

Places to visit

  • Galteshwar Mahadev Temple : Galteshwar is an important historical and religious site in Gujarat's Thasra taluka in the Kheda district. This sacred site is situated at the sangam (junction) of the Mahisagar and Galti rivers. This Galteshwar Mahadev, located 10 to 12 kilometers from the famous Dakor's Thakorji, attracts over 25 lakh worshippers and tourists each year.
  • Distance: Galteshwar Mahadev Temple is 62 kilometres away from Kheda

  • Santram Temple : Shree Santram was a renowned saint of Avadhut. Shree Saintram Maharaj arrived to Nadiad from Girnar, hence he was known as Girnar Bawa, Vidhay Baava, or Sukh-Sagji. Shree Saintram Maharaj arrived in 1872, lived for 15 years as a spiritual remedy, and died on the full moon day of 1887.
  • Distance: Santram Temple is 21 kilometres away from Kheda

  • Kund Vav: The troops felt safe camping in Kapadwanj when Siddharaj Jaysingh arrived in Kheda district. It was a forest-covered land. Somadat Pandit of Siddharaja is supposed to have suffered leprosy. There was a puddle of water in front of Kundavav. He slid in it, and its illness killed him. Dharmisth King decided to create Kund Vav after witnessing these wonders.
  • Distance: Kund Vav is 58 kilometres away from Kheda

  • Gopaldas Haveli: Vaso is a Patidar village. This village is renowned as Darbar Gopaldas and Mahendrishibhai's Haveli. This mansion is 250 years old. Wooden artwork may be found in every room of the haveli. The proprietor of the haveli, Mahendranbhai Desai, was a former MLA. Every room of the mansion has a seam wood ceiling. The haveli is spread across one and a half bighas. Although wooden peelers and carving have been present for over two centuries, Fesko paintings done with years' worth of natural colors used to be highly esteemed.
  • Distance: Gopaldas Haveli is 17 kilometres away from Kheda

  • Tirthrajshree Swaminarayan Temple: Sahajanand Swami began building on the temple in the Chaitra Sadan in 1878 and finished it in the Kartik month of 1881. Instead of laborers, sadhus, saints, and satsangists work on bricks and lime, baking, all work, and building services themselves. A total of 9 lac bricks were used in the temple's foundation. Sahajanand Swami took 37 bricks himself. 35 of them were used to build the seat for Lakshminarayan's idol.
  • Distance: Tirthrajshree Swaminarayan Temple is 38 kilometres away from Kheda

How to Reach

  • By Air - The nearest airport to Nadiad City is Vadodara, which is about 61 kilometers away. Ahmedabad, which is around 67 kilometers from Nadiad City, has a higher frequency airport that serves the area. Ahmedabad's airport is known as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. A range of domestic and international flights are available from here.
  • By Train - Kheda does not have a railway station. The nearest is the Ahmedabad Train Station, which is around 39 kilometers from Kheda.

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