Manavadar, Gujarat

Manavadar is a city in India's Junagadh district. If you are considering a trip to Manavadar, it is inevitable that you will be seeking for notable sites to visit. To assist you, here is a list of the greatest locations to visit in Junagadh for a good time.

Places to visit

  • Navghan Kuwo and Adi-Kadi Vav : Two wells are Navghan Kuwo and Adi-kadi Vav. These wells are located inside the Uperkot fort and are exceedingly steep. The difference between these two wells and other wells is that most wells are excavated in the earth by removing soil, stones, and so on, and then an embankment or other outside building is built, but these two wells are not dug in the ground. These wells are carved into the ground's rocks, which makes them unique and one of the best sites to see in Junagadh. The wells are carved entirely within one stone. According to folklore, a monarch ordered the digging of wells to discover water, and the artisans chiseled the stone, but no trace of water was found.
  • Distance: Navghan Kuwo and Adi-Kadi Vav is 39 kilometers away from Manavadar

  • Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden : Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden, commonly known as the Junagadh Zoo, Sakkarbaug Zoo, or Sakkarbaug, is one of the most popular locations to visit in Junagadh with children. It covers a wide area of land. The main draw of this zoo is its collection of purely bred Asiatic lions. Antelope, wild boar, blue bull, and other species can also be found in the Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden zoo. If you believe that visiting this zoo would simply allow you to see animals, think again. There is also a natural history museum. In addition to all of this, the Sakkarbaug Zoological Park has a veterinary hospital.
  • Distance: Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden is 40 kilometers away from Manavadar

  • Uperkot Fort : This fort dates back over two thousand years. In some areas of the fort, the walls reach a height of twenty meters. It is reported that there was once a 300-foot-deep moat in the fortifications. This moat was formerly thought to be a crocodile home. It was built to keep the fort safe. The fort contains two important attractions. Cairo and Neelam are the two main attractions. Turks transported these to India after they were created in Cairo. The steps and caves of the fort are both must-sees.
  • Distance: Uperkot Fort is 38 kilometers away from Manavadar

How to Reach

  • By Air- The nearest airport is in Keshod.
  • By Train- Rajkot Rail Way Station is an important railway station located 125 kilometers from Manavadar.

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