Modasa, Gujarat

Modasa is a town in the Aravalli district of Gujarat, India. Modasa was called after Malaji Bhil, a Bhil ruler who ruled in Modasa in 1466.

Places to visit

  • Zanzari Waterfall : The Zanzari Waterfall is located near the settlement of Dabha on the banks of the Vatrak River (Bayad taluka of Arvalli district). This lovely spot is around 12 kilometers from Bayad and 7 kilometers south of the Bayad-Dahegam Route. The Ganga Mata shrine is located here, where a spring performed Shivaji's abhishek for 24 hours. Visitors come from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Mehsana. This is a huge increase, particularly on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. Water fills the abyss inside the stone due to the dilapidation of the hard rock at the lower part of the falls.
  • Distance: Zanzari Waterfall is 48 kilometres away from Modasa

  • Shamlaji Temple: Shamlaji temple is located on the banks of the Meshwo River in the Aravalli districts northeast. This location is quite old. The temple's architecture is one-of-a-kind. Many fossils have been discovered that provide proof of ancient cities. There is no information available on who erected this temple. Yet, this city was thought to exist 1500 years ago. Shamlaji's old periods were as lovely as the town of Chandrapri. A dam was constructed on the Meshwo River at Shamlaji. On Kartikini Poonam; pilgrims here commemorate the Dipotsavi festival. Every Poonam, thousands of tourists flock to Shamlaji. Kartiki Poonam is hosting a large fair.
  • Distance: Shamlaji Temple is 34 kilometres away from Modasa

  • Devni Mori: There were many hills on the banks of the Meshwo River at the time. 'Bharajaraja's Tekara' was the name given to one of them. 'Bhojrajaja's tekra' and the surrounding land served as the vihara for Buddhist monks at the time. The stupa stood 85 inches tall and housed 36 Buddhist monks. Throughout the research, two jewelry bridges were discovered. On one of them, it was written in Sanskrit that 'this construction was designed by Agnivarma Sudarshan and was built by a monarch named Rudrasen'. This greatest stupa was built during Kshatriya dynasty. Similar stoopes were also discovered in Sindh (eastern India before India) and Takshashila.
  • Distance: Devni Mori is 33 kilometres away from Modasa

How to Reach

  • By Air - You may get a flight to Ahmedabad Airport on a regular basis, Modasa. Modasa is 86 kilometers away.
  • By Train - There are no frequent trains to Modasa from other major cities. Shamlaji Road is the nearest train station. Modasa is 25 kilometers away.

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