Manori Beach

Manori Beach

Nestled quietly in the quaint little fishing village of Manori in northern Mumbai, Manori beach is a perfect weekend getaway from the chaos of life while being all things peaceful, tranquil, and beautiful. The inviting stretch of smooth sand, the shimmering blues of roaring waters, and the picturesque landscape clubbing with lesser crowd comparatively, makes it a popular picnic spot. Manori beach sometimes referred to as ‘Mini Goa’ because apart from the shimmering white sand banks, the beach area consists of many quaint and beautiful churches. There is also a thick grove of cashew trees and ample greenery surrounding the beach which enhances the charm of this place. Being located at the fishing village, Manori beach is also a popular fishing destination for the locals which is also used by the nearby resorts and shacks for preparing meals. If you happen to be here early morning, you can witness these fishermen trying to get the catch for the day which is a fascinating thing to watch.

The beach also has Samudreshwar temple, the Buddhist Pagoda, and even a Sufi Dargah which creates an amalgamation of different religions and cultures offering the visitors best of everything. The beauty of the beach becomes even more ethereal at night where one can enjoy late night barbeques or lay down on mats to watch the star-studded sky. There are several beach side restaurants and shacks available for a quick grab and even resorts where you one can spend the night overlooking the stunning Arabian sea.

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Manori beach is a famous beach spot and is visited by tourists throughout the year for its solitude and serene landscape. But the best time to visit it is during the months of October to March because the weather is pleasant and less humid during this time of the year in Mumbai. If you want less crowd, then summer months from April to June are best but keep in mind that the heat might get too much to bear. Monsoons are not recommended to visit the beach as the tides are too high during this time and beach might get closed during heavy rains.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Manori beach located?

Manori beach is located near a fishing village called as Manori on the Dharavai Bet in northern Mumbai.

What are the timings for Manori beach?

Manori beach is open all days of week and 24hours a day.

Is Manori beach clean?

Manori beach is one of the few clean beaches at North Suburb Island of Mumbai.

Which station is near to Manori beach?

Malad is the closest railway from Manori beach located on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network.

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