Museum of Illusion

Museum of Illusion

You may take sociable or enjoyable trips into the WORLD OF ILLUSIONS, which has entertained people of all ages, at the Museum of Illusions in New Delhi . It's the perfect place to spend time with loved ones while having fun and learning new things. Parents, spouses, grandparents, and great-grandparents all like visiting there. It is not simply a favourite of young people.

You won't believe your eyes when you see what more they offer! Be courageous enough to enter a vortex tunnel illusion that will drive you insane and make you feel like you are striving mightily to take a step forward inside a revolving cylinder despite being on a steady and level surface. You may defy the rules of gravity and size ratio in the Upside Down Room, be unimaginably spun in the Infinity Room, and take photographs of yourself in any pose imaginable.

Fool your eyes while stimulating your intellect! Enjoy our holographic collection, examine each optical illusion in greater detail, and pay particular attention to each installation. They serve as such a fantastic, lighthearted reminder that our beliefs about the world we see are frequently little more than ghosts of illusions.

Your mouth will drop at the true legacy of the showpieces! It will be simpler to grasp why your eyes see things that your brain cannot comprehend if you learn some hilarious and amazing techniques that educate you about vision, perception, the human brain, and science. Visit their playground, which has engaging and instructive games and puzzles. These brain teasers are undoubtedly a lot of fun, but they can also be annoying.

Timings & Entry Fees

Monday through Friday 11:00AM – 8:00PM

On Saturday and Sunday 11:00AM – 8:30PM

The availability of a few illusions may be limited owing to maintenance.

(Such as Federal Holidays)

(The museum does not accommodate wheelchairs)

Entry Fees (external link for buy tickets online) :

During the week of Monday through Friday :

Adults: 650

Children (3 and up): 520

Aged Person: 500

On Saturday and Sunday :

Adults: 690

Children (3 and older): 550

Aged Person: 500

Exhibits/ Acctivites to do/ Experiences

Aim your face in the mirror while standing on the other side. Check out your appearance now with a new nose.

A giant and a dwarf are in opposite corners of the room, respectively. In this amazing chamber of illusions, see how a person going back and forth either increases in size or decreases in size right before your eyes. Although it appears to spectators to be a typical room, it has been carefully twisted to give visitors a breathtaking optical illusion.

Rotated Room :

Are you prepared to fundamentally alter how you see the world? Suppose it's 90 degrees. Pose for photographs in amazing ways! Your creativity is the only restriction. Play around with your imagination to engage with the illusion that offers an Instagram photo!

Infinity Room :

Most of us have fantasised about a scenario in which joy and wonder never appear to end and are continuously repeated? Maybe our Infinity Room's Wonderworld will fulfil all of your fantasies! Enter the mirror-filled room! found your wonderland in the Room of Mirrors, the Infinity Room. Full-height mirrors are mounted on the room's walls, giving the impression of an endless area. "Millions of Light Years Away: The Souls"

Anti Gravity Room :

Your brain and eyes automatically deduce whether you are standing on a level or sloping surface, therefore this room is definitely a brain teaser and will make you question the principles of physics. You will see things that are illogical, such as water flowing upward and balls rolling uphill. Experience the Anti-Gravity Room for yourself! It cannot be seen or recognised visually. Step into a new sensory realm. Get ready to be stunned. Nobody will believe it unless they have witnessed it for themselves!

It is incredible how a person's size perception changes depending on the context that is implied by the nearby things. By merely sitting in the so-called Beuchet chair, you may investigate the principles of perception and experiment with roles and size ratios! Put your photographic imagination to the test!

Infinity Well :

Since we have never truly seen a bottomless pit, we frequently compare the vast majority of things in life to one. So this is your chance. Drawn into the obscurity

True Mirror :

Mirrors are said to bring ancestral vitality into your current life. Mirrors, though, do kind of lie too! In a True Mirror, the directions are not reversed. In the True Mirror, you see yourself as other people genuinely perceive you, not as you see yourself. So let's take a closer look at your actual appearance. Ready?

Stereogram :

A stereogram is an image inside an image. Each image has a concealed item that, when properly seen, appears in three dimensions. When you bring a stereogram picture very near to your eyes—almost touching it with your nose—your eyes become unable to focus on it and instead wander behind it. You will discover the concealed object by attempting to keep your eyes off-focus and by gradually pulling the image away from you. Be astonished!

Kaleidoscope :

Oh, what a beautiful, vibrant, and ever-changing universe of hues and forms! As they will be reflected in the countless tiny mirrors, the psychedelic patterns at our Museum of Illusions are entirely made by our guests. Get out there and kaleidoscope!

Clone Table :

You're invited to have a seat with yourself by this delusion. A circular clip that looks to be a sizable round table from a distance of 60 degrees is really what appears to be the circle of a huge round table. You'll have five of your clones around you as soon as you sit down! Who is the superior athlete?

Head on the Platter :

Have you ever desired to receive someone's "head on a plate"? You may now fulfil your dream, nevertheless. Feel the sensation of a concealed body and a "head on a plate." No one is wounded, so don't worry. Everything is merely an illusion.

Rubin's Vase :

Edgar Rubin, a Danish psychologist, created Rubin's vase, a renowned collection of ambiguous or bistable two-dimensional objects, about 1915. Even though it would be very wrong to do so, you may keep flowers in it. Discover hidden faces intriguing and endeavour to uncover them all.

Hollow Face Illustion :

We are so ingrained with the need to identify faces that we will fill any empty area in order to do so. The face's ability to seem to follow us when we gaze at it from any angle is what makes this so fascinating. This is based on our innate understanding that a face cannot be concave and must be convex.

Turntables :

Black and white patterns that, when rotated on a record turntable, provide dynamic optical illusions. Most designs seem to go in circles that never end. This highly odd optical illusion, which is only visible when moving, has a mesmerising impact on us when we spin these 2-dimensional turntable discs.

Ambiguous Cylinder :

Depending on the angle of observation, the illusion of an ambiguous cylinder produces a unique geometric form that can be either a quadrant or a cylinder. In front of the mirror, a box with an object in it allows for constant viewing from two opposing angles. The handle may be moved to the left or right to allow the visitor to rotate the item by 180 degrees. Your sense of vision and understanding of reasoning are seriously tested by the shift in form.

Tricky Stick :

This exhibit challenges our perception of space. A rotatable horizontal plate to which the stick is fastened causes it to go through a curved opening. The stick always fits through the hole, contrary to what the human brain would naturally think. This is because of the well considered geometry.

visuals that deceive your eyes and mind with bewildering imagery. These optical illusions serve as a simple reminder of how unreliable our senses are and how warped our perceptions of the world may be. Check out the various Op art displays in their collection of optical illusions!

Holograms :

Holograms are those enchanted pictures that give the appearance of three-dimensional depth and which we see every day in a variety of shapes and forms, such as in its abridged version on currency or credit cards. The Museum of Illusions has a respectable collection of different holograms, such as pictures that suddenly vanish, alter their theme, or emerge out of nowhere.


How To Reach

  • The Delhi Metro makes it simple to get to the museum because it is situated in Connaught Place. The Blue Line's Rajiv Chowk station is a 2-minute walk from the museum.
  • The Rajeev Chowk metro station is close by Block A, making it simple to get there on foot.
Museum of Illusion

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much time is required for museum of illusions?

4-5 hours.

When is museum of illusions open?

11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. Sat. and Sun., 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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