Campbell Bay National Park

Campbell Bay National Park

One of the most isolated and mysterious national parks in one of the most secluded and cryptic places is the Campbell Bay National Park located in the Nicobar Islands. Notified as a National Park in 1992, the place is also included in the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve and is over 190 kilometers from Sumatra in the Eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Spreading in an area of 426 square kilometers, the park has a spectacular landscape and is divided by a buffer zone stretch of forest land that is 12km wide known as the Galathea National Park. Even the journey to the national park is a sight to behold, one which is to be remembered for the days to come.

A blanket of thick tropical evergreen forests and tree ferns dominate the landscape with gorgeous orchids for a pleasing photography experience. The paraphernalia of Mangrove forests has its own ecosystem which enhances the beauty of the national park and adds to its rich ecosystem. To reach the national park, you have to take the government-operated helicopter service, Pawan Hans from the capitol Port Blair as the park is nestled on the island of the vast Indian Ocean. For a unique and thrilling experience, you can also take the boat or ferry ride from Port Blair and enjoy the mighty waters while basking in the exquisiteness of nature. Favored by birds, upon setting your foot in the Campbell Bay National Park, do take some time to perch yourself atop a watchtower or machans and witness the breathtaking and pristine landscape while spotting some of the avian life and listening to their rhythmic and soulful chirpings.

The National Park comprises various types of orchids and wild flowering plants which jump to life during the spring season making it an even more exquisite sight to behold. The vegetation in the park consists of the tropical evergreen forest, orchids, tree ferns, and mangrove tree forest. The place does not experience winters but heavy rainfall is seen frequently throughout the year. Other activities that are visitors experience here consist of jungle safari, trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and rides on glass bottomed boats which makes the visit worth every minute and certainly an unforgettable experience.

Dominant Flora

The main vegetation here comprises of tropical evergreen forest along with a variety of bravura orchids, tree ferns, various colorful, and rare wild flowering plants. Other floral species that are found here are Elaecarpusganggestrus, Malinkaralitoris, Sterculia alata, Ipomea spp., Pandanus tinctoria Ficus, Terminalia, Casaurina sp., Nipa Palm, Albizia procera, Canarium euphyllum, Callophyllum spp., SyziziumCuminii, Rhizophora spp., Brugeria spp., Ceriops tagal, Canes tree fern, Ground orchid etc.

Dominant Fauna

The place has many wildlife species but the dominant ones are either amphibians or sea creatures. The fauna here found is Crab eating Macaque, Giant Robber Crabs, Salt water crocodile, Giant leather back Turtle, Malayan box Turtle, Nicobar tree shrew, Deer, Reticulated python, Fruit Bat, Andaman Wild pig, Palm Civet, Hawksbill Turtle, the Megapode, Nicobar Pigeon, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Nicobar Serpent Eagle, etc.

Climatic Conditions

The weather at Campbell Bay National Park is hot and humid, though the weather remains moderate as compared to the other parts of the country. The temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius during winters and 31 degrees Celsius during the summers offering the visitors a pleasant and delightful weather to enjoy.

The best time to experience the beautiful landscape and the diverse flora and fauna of Campbell National Park is from March to October when the weather is at its most pleasant, the orchids and the other wild flowers are in the blooming phase, and when the otherwise already stunning park is at its finest.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: Port Blair does not have a train station. The nearest railway station from Port Blair is in Chennai at about 1369km. From here, you can either take the ferry or travel by a helicopter.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is the Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair that will connect you to Campbell Bay.

Road Accessibility : Port Blair is not connected by roads. It has to be reached either by air or by water through ferries.

Other Attractions

Campbell Bay National Park

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