North Lakhimpur

North Lakhimpur, Assam

North Lakhimpur is a city and municipal board in the Indian state of Assam, approximately 394 kilometers northeast of Guwahati. The term Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, is thought to have been the source of the name Lakhimpur.

Places to visit

  • Jaypal Than : The temple Jaypal than, also known as Kshudra Dingdingi, is well-known. Kapali, a cow, is said to have discovered the temple. The episode is thought to have occurred between 1718 and 1744, under the reign of Sib Singha, the Ahom King.
  • Distance: Jaypal Than is 64 kilometres away from North Lakhimpur

  • Hari Mandir : Hari Mandir was built in 1965. The temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is well-known for its Ras Mahotsava Festival, which lasts up to 15 days. Devotees from all across India travel to Hari Mandir to participate in the event, which is lavishly celebrated. Rambahadur Pratap Narayan Choudhury donated land for the temple's construction.
  • Distance: Hari Mandir is 1.7 kilometres away from North Lakhimpur

  • Buddhist Temple: The temple was built by Nepalese and was started in 1965 by Chhatra Singh. Chhatra Singh developed a new Gumba in 1971. The new Gumba ranks among the largest in the Nalbari district. During the annual Buddha Jayanti celebration, devotees go to the site.
  • Distance: Buddhist Temple is 54 kilometres away from North Lakhimpur

  • Bordoibam Bilmukh Wildlife Sanctuary: Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Sanctuary is shared by the districts of Dhemaji and Lakhimpur. This 11.25-square-kilometer bird sanctuary is a nesting site for numerous bird species, most notably the Whistling Teal. The Assam government proclaimed this area a wildlife sanctuary in 1996. The greatest time to visit the bird sanctuary is during the winter, when many migrating birds arrive to escape the severe winters of northern Asia. The fishing eagle and the adjutant stork are two common bird sightings here. The Chestnut-backed Bittern, Open-billed Stork, Indian Roller, and Black-headed Oriole are among the treasured bird species seen here.Because the refuge is largely made up of water, aquatic flora predominates. Along the banks of the Bil, semi-aquatic flora and trees can be found.
  • Distance: Bordoibam Bilmukh Wildlife Sanctuary is 56 kilometres away from North Lakhimpur

How to Reach

  • By Air - The nearest airport is 5 kilometers away, at Lilabari.
  • By Train - Nakari Railway Station is 2 kilometers from the city center.
North Lakhimpur

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