Pataudi, Haryana

The National Capital Region of India includes the town of Pataudi, which is located in the Gurugram district of the Indian state of Haryana. The territory is ruled by the Ahirs/Yadav. At the base of the Aravalli hills, it is situated 28 kilometers from Gurugram.

Places to visit

  • Sohna : It's interesting to note that the town gets its name from the word "Sona" (gold), which alludes to the gold dust that frequently drifts across the region, particularly after a lot of rain. The location is surrounded by mountainous terrain and is situated at the base of the Aravalli Hills. Due to its therapeutic water spring, Shiva temple, and Damdama Lake, it is a well-liked weekend getaway destination for families and couples. Due to the abundance of activities in and around it, Sohna is also quickly evolving into a popular weekend retreat for residents of New Delhi and Haryana. These include Damdama Lake, the Gora Barak Mosque, the Kamboj Ruins, Shiv Kund Hot Springs, and many other similar escapes.
  • Distance: Sohna is 39 kilometers away from Pataudi

  • Oysters Beach Water Park : Oysters Beach Water Park is a water-themed amusement area featuring a variety of attractions for all ages and tastes, including thunderstorms, pirate station, torpedo, quick racer, cruiser, lazy river, rain dance, etc. On a hot, sunny day, it is the ideal destination for family outings. The park has sufficient amenities to give visitors a wonderful experience and a comfortable stay.
  • Distance: Oysters Beach Water Park is 42 kilometers away from Pataudi

  • Tikli Bottom : Tikli Bottom is a secluded inn that provides a sense of living in a mountain town. The major draw is essentially a four-bedroom haveli with a swimming pool, a neatly kept lawn, and trees. The Aravalli hills around the property may be seen magnificently from the site. In order to make its visitors feel comfortable and guarantee a wonderful stay, they also offer facilities.
  • Distance: Tikli Bottom is 39 kilometers away from Pataudi

How to Reach

  • By Air - Regular flights do not provide good access from Pataudi to other significant cities in the nation. New Delhi, 13 kilometers away, is home to the closest airport.
  • By Train - Regular trains to Pataudi are easily accessible from other significant cities around the nation.

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