The former French colonies of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yanam, which are dispersed throughout South India, are now a part of the Puducherry Union Territory. The territory's capital, Puducherry, is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Gulf of Bengal and is around 135 kilometres from Chennai Airport. Puducherry was previously the original French embassy in India. Tamil Nadu borders it on three sides while the Gulf of Bengal borders it on the east. Karaikal is located on the East Coast around 130 kilometres south of Puducherry. Around 70 kilometres from the Calicut Airport, Mahe is located on the Malabar coast of the Western Ghats, surrounded by Kerala.


  • Quiche : One of the most well-liked French dishes in Pondicherry is the quiche, a delectable pastry made with egg custard and little amounts of cheese, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, and shellfish. You may choose from a number of different variations of this open bake dish. Quiche is a delectable dish that tastes fantastic whether it is served hot or cold, as any fan of the dish will attest. You should sample some when doing a city tour of Pondicherry because it is accessible in many cafés there.
  • Spinach Crepe : The delicious spinach crepe is another amazing French treat found in Pondicherry. The cuisine consists of a cheesy flatbread stuffed with spinach, spinach sauce, mushrooms, pre-cooked meats, and seasonings; it is then topped with feta cheese and creamy mushroom pieces. The top restaurants in Pondicherry provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, allowing you to enjoy the dish of your choice with a cold fruit beer or other beverage of your choice.
  • Pesto Chicken Pizza : At Pondicherry, you should taste the delicious pesto chicken pizza if you enjoy the nutty and herbaceous flavour of pesto sauce. These flavorful pizzas, which are evenly cooked and baked in brick ovens heated by wood fire, are an exquisite treat for gourmets. Pesto sauce, basil leaves, olives, meat pieces, and a generous amount of parmesan cheese are sprinkled on top of the pizza. However, if you like a thin crust pizza, the ones made with lip-smacking buffalo chicken and buttermilk are perfect for you.
  • Idli Sambhar : Any fan of South Indian food is aware of how good a straightforward idli-sambhar meal can be. The flavorful and spicily prepared sambhar, coconut chutney, and other accompaniments are served with the soft, steam-cooked idlis. The fact that you can eat the treat whenever you want is its finest feature. Yet even if you're a fitness enthusiast, you can have extra servings of this low-calorie treat without having to worry about packing on the pounds. Idlis come in a variety of flavours and preparations at the eateries in Pondicherry, including steamed, stuffed, and fried variations. Hence, if you adore idlis, you must enjoy a variety of flavours.
  • Khow Suey : Khow suey is a fantastic choice for a balanced and filling supper in Pondicherry. This Burmese curry is a well-liked street food among both residents and tourists and is offered in vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Using rice or noodles, it is cooked with coconut milk, veggies, and seasonings. It is a must-try meal since it is topped with fresh herbs and crunchy noodles, which enhance the flavour. A non-vegetarian curry served with rice or noodles is an option for meat eaters. Khow suey is an all-around delicious dish of joy for foodies.
  • Pondy Moussaka : If you enjoy eating new foods, you must try the unusual Pondy moussaka. Greek cuisine's signature dish, moussaka, is a layered meal made with fried potatoes, fried egg plants, tomato paste, onions, and garlic. Moussaka is a delicious lunch or supper alternative that is offered by some of Pondicherry's top restaurants together with steamed rice, sauteed veggies, and red wine. And after you've had this incredible dish, you'll definitely want more.
  • Mutton Rolls : The delicious mutton buns in Pondicherry are a must-try if you like meat. These incredible rolls are made with thin, seasoned, stir-fried slices of mutton that are folded up like parathas. You may easily get one while exploring the city because they are sold throughout Pondicherry's well-known streets. Concerned about the aspect of hygiene? Well, street food in Pondicherry is hygienic, delectable, and secure for everyone. Mutton rolls rank among the top street dishes in Pondicherry, we can state with confidence.
  • Sandwiches : While they appear straightforward, the various sandwich versions that are offered in Pondicherry are what elevate them to local delicacy. It's impossible to resist these sandwiches with cheese, mayo, and additional ingredients of your choosing that have been delicately cooked. There are several alternatives available, including double omelettes with mushrooms and mayo, tandoori chicken, and grilled sandwiches with pizza cheese and spaghetti paneer mayo. Also, you may sample some mouthwatering sandwiches made in the Indian manner here on the beach road.


  • Lavilla helena : La Villa Helena, one of Pondicherry's most outstanding Italian eateries, is just five minutes' walk from the Promenade beach. Don't forget to sample one of La Villa Helena's mouth-watering mojitos while you indulge in one of the greatest cheesecakes in the area.
  • Palais De Mahe : Les Alizés is one of the greatest rooftop restaurants in Pondicherry and is housed inside one of the most opulent hotels of Palais de Mahe. It provides amazing views of the White Town. There is plenty to treasure at this lovely restaurant, from its stunning colonial architecture to the freshly prepared, perfectly grilled fish.
  • Villa Shanti : Villa Shanti, which lives up to its name by welcoming guests onto one of the most stunning patios and flanked by lush gardens, is one of Pondicherry's top eateries for lunch on a calm and relaxed day. Quality continues to be at the heart of the cuisine at Villa Shanti, treating the visitors to some of the freshest products according to the season.
  • Dilliwaala6 : One of the eateries in Pondicherry where even a basic meal like Dal Fry tastes amazing is this one. Dining at this hotel is an absolute wowzer, from the vivid surroundings to the elaborate design and from the outside sitting to the delectable vegan food.
  • Cafe Des Arts : You may taste delicious French cuisine at one of the greatest restaurants in Pondicherry at this location. You'll undoubtedly have a great day thanks to the delicious meals and a large selection of sweets! Taking a break here is one of the nicest things you can do after a full day of touring and excursions! The most popular foods here are fondant au chocolat, gazpacho, and croque-monsieur, among others.
  • Le Dupleix : Le Dupleix is one of those excellent Pondicherry restaurants that is remote from the city bustle but close enough to hear the crashing sound of the ocean, whether you are dining with friends, family, or your soul love. At Le Dupleix, a restaurant in the centre of Pondicherry, you may savour the most genuine French food while being accommodated in the ideal seaside setting with a touch of contemporary culture.


  • Hotels Hotel Le Royal Park : You may stay in touch and come and go as you like because both parking and Wi-Fi are always free. This facility brings you close to sights and intriguing eating alternatives because of its convenient location in the Pondicherry City Center area of Pondicherry. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Coastal Promenade. This top-notch hotel, which has a three-star rating, gives visitors access to its on-site massage, restaurant, and steam room.
  • Hotel Bon Sejor : You are always welcome to remain in contact and come and go as you like thanks to the free parking and Wi-Fi. This facility brings you close to sights and intriguing eating alternatives because of its convenient location in the Pondicherry City Center area of Pondicherry. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Coastal Promenade. This 3-star hotel offers a number of on-site facilities to make your stay more luxurious and comfortable.
  • Accord Puducherry : You are free to communicate and come and go as you choose because both parking and Wi-Fi are always free. This resort brings you close to sights and intriguing eating alternatives because of its convenient location in Pondicherry's City Center neighbourhood. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Coastal Promenade. Visitors get access to the hot tub, restaurant, and massage services at this top-notch 4-star hotel.
  • Hotel D Europe : The Wi-Fi and parking are both always free, so you can stay connected and come and go as you like. Ideally located in White Town or French Colony, you can easily visit nearby landmarks and activities. The on-site conveniences that will make your stay more enjoyable include a restaurant and an outdoor pool.
  • I Residency : You are always welcome to remain in contact and come and go as you like thanks to the free parking and Wi-Fi. This resort brings you close to sights and intriguing eating alternatives because of its convenient location in Pondicherry's City Center neighbourhood. This 3-star hotel offers a number of on-site amenities to enhance your comfort and the standard of your stay.
  • Pongal : In many Southern regions of India, the new year is celebrated with a festival called Pongal. The entire city of Pondicherry celebrates it with tremendous splendour, and all of the locals participate in making it the most delightful of occasions. Similar to the Tamil New Year, it begins with the home being decorated in Kolam, a sign of fresh starts. The sun gods are then prayed to, and the celebration continues with new garments and delectable meals shared with friends and family.
  • Tamil new year : The blend of Pondicherry's customs, beliefs, and cultures is what makes it so lovely. Puthandu, or the Tamil New Year, is another significant occasion that happens in Pondicherry. The Tamil descendants and their family celebrate it all over the world. According to earlier Tamil historians, it is acknowledged as the beginning of the calendar year and is frequently observed by cleaning the home and paying visits to friends and relatives.
  • Villianur temple car festival : The Villianur Temple Car Festival, one of the Hindu customs practised in Pondicherry, is held in honour of Lord Thirukameswar Kokilambal. One of the most revered customs is when a large group of devotees congregate and draw the chariot from the neighbourhood towards the main temple. To show their love and peace for one another and to grant their desires, the devotees often provide food, like as buttermilk and rice, to those who are in need.
  • Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo : Many people's lives have been impacted by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, and he continues to influence the viewpoints and ideas of his followers and the general public. The day of his birth will be honoured and celebrated as a blessing to the planet by those who appreciate this great philosopher and sage, despite the fact that it falls on India's Independence Day. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram, one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the country, hosts this festival, which is quite special to Pondicherry.
  • Fete De Pondicherry : The three-day Fete de Pondicherry commemorates Pondicherry's independence from French colonial rule. The celebrations represent the new state administration in addition to peace and liberty. It is observed with several performances, including dances, shows, exhibits, and other contests. By showcasing Pondicherry's art and cultural legacy throughout the course of these three joyful days, the fete is certain to bring out the city's various traditional colours!
  • French Food Festival : This event in Pondicherry is essential to attend since French cuisine is such a treasure to the globe. France's elegance, as seen in its culinary traditions, is consistently reflected in the streets and cities here! Gobble up a variety of French specialties, such as Soupe à L'oignon and Coq Au Vin Cassoulet. Happy feasting!
Adventures To Try On
  • Surfing : At Pondicherry, surfing, one of the most well-known adventure sports, is practised on the wave's front face. There are several instructors working with novice surfers to prepare them to surf with confidence. The necessary surfing gear is sold in several stores close to Pondicherry's beaches. Pondicherry's proximity to the ocean is a great benefit for those who like participating in water sports.
  • Scuba Diving : One of the finest adventurous activities near the beach in Pondicherry is scuba diving. One experiences the adrenaline rush of plunging into the water and swimming with fish and other aquatic life. The new divers receive training from certain expert instructors so they can have fun in the water. The gear needed for scuba diving may be found at many stores. Scuba diving is a fantastic sport to take part in in the Bay of Bengal's waters.
  • Boating : In Pondicherry, boating is a fantastic adventurous activity that the whole family can take part in. Boating would be the better option if you are someone who does not feel comfortable rowing and wandering the seas. The majority of the time, the boats are propelled forward by engines. Also, they may be driven at great speeds, which, when whizzed through the air, causes one to feel the air flowing on their face. Boating tops the list of adventure sports that are the most tranquil in Pondicherry.
  • Kayaking : Kayaking is not just one of the oldest forms of water sports, but also one of the most well-liked adventure activities in Pondicherry. The early boats were constructed from bits of wood and dead animal skin. Due to their design, kayaks are sometimes referred to as hunter's boats. In the city, kayaking has grown in popularity as a leisure activity. The kayak's shape allows it to travel more quickly and wade through the water with ease. One of the finest adventure activities in Pondicherry is kayaking, which can be done on calm waters as well as swiftly moving ones.
  • Paragliding : Because to the abundance of beaches in and near Pondicherry, paragliding is expanding in every way. There are several beaches that aren't very busy. One of the well-liked adventure activities in Pondicherry, paragliding, finds the ideal location as a result. In order to keep oneself in the air during this activity, the participant must be tied to an inflated balloon. One will be accompanied by some trainers on these adventurous flights like paragliding. Every safety precaution is faithfully observed.
  • Paddle Boarding : One of the numerous unusual adventure activities available in Pondicherry is paddle boarding. You sit inside the paddle to go boating or engage in any other water-based activities. Standing on the inflatable paddle while paddling includes paddle boarding. This heightens the thrill and fuels one's desire for adventure. In Pondicherry, interest in this new adventure sport is growing. The necessary paddle boarding equipment is available in many stores.
  • Kite Surfing : A new category of water sports in Pondicherry is kite surfing. Surfing often entails using the waves to move oneself forward. Using the kite to harness the wind is a part of kite surfing. Despite being a novel sport, this adventure activity has attracted a lot of interest from the younger generation. The necessary kite surfing equipment is sold at several locations all over Pondicherry. When done correctly, this is not extremely risky.
  • Windsurfing : Every type of water surface, including calm or choppy waves, may be used for wind surfing. For windsurfing, the wind's presence is all that really matters. One may only participate in this adventure sport under the supervision of professionals who have a specialty in it because it requires a lot of abilities. In and around Pondicherry, there are several training facilities where one may learn the finer points of activities like windsurfing.
  • Go Karting : One of the finest adventure sports, go-karting is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. For those who reside in Chennai, Pondicherry is thought to be the greatest weekend destination. The younger generation loves to spend the weekend at Pondicherry. In Pondicherry, there are several go-karting tracks. Pondicherry and its surrounding areas are home to a wide variety of karts. The tracks are available for hourly rental. Due to the fact that the entire area is supervised by several trainers, even those who aren't highly experienced with karting may enjoy this sport.
  • Ziplining : One hooks themselves to a framework that resembles a chord and is fastened at one place during ziplining, an adventure activity. They are relocated from one place to another. Ziplining is made possible by the abundance of vacant spaces in the area surrounding Pondicherry. With the legs dangling over the ground and the air rushing into the face, this creates a fantastic sense of adventure.
  • Bungee Jumping : Since it offers the most enjoyment, bungee jumping is one of those adventurous activities that was once exclusively practised in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Nowadays, bungee jumping is a popular adventure activity that is available all throughout India. Pondicherry is a centre for several adventure activities, which has opened the door for bungee jumping facilities there and nearby.
  • Rock Climbing : In Pondicherry, there are both areas with natural and man-made rock settings. This heightens the rush of adrenaline. Moreover, one's calf and shoulder muscles' strength and power are increased by doing this. For those interested in participating in this fantastic adventure sport, certain places sell specific clothes.
  • Hiking : Mahabalipuram, which is close to Pondicherry, is well-known for its one-day climb. The location of this location is relatively close to Pondicherry. The historical wonders and delights that can be found at Mahabalipuram's rock cave temples and other monuments, which require hiking by scaling cliffs, may be enjoyed if you become weary of participating in water sports on the Bay of Bengal's coastlines.
  • Canoeing : In Pondicherry, canoeing is among the most popular water sports. Rapids and roughness in the river are two significant elements that contribute to an enjoyable canoe trip. Canoeing in Pondicherry is a little more intriguing because the area offers both calm and difficult water to navigate.

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