Solan, Himachal Pradesh

The capital of the Solan district and the city of Solan are both located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla, the state capital, lies 45.5 kilometers south. Averaging 1,550 meters above sea level, Solan.

Places to visit

  • Kasauli : Kasauli is a hillside cantonment town that is perfect for a tranquil vacation, especially over the weekend. Kasauli is best renowned for its ease of access from Chandigarh and Delhi (it is only 65 km from Chandigarh), not for any specific attractions or activities, but rather for its lovely villas and tranquil surroundings. Kasauli is a cantonment town filled with opulent Victorian structures constructed by the British who once lived there. The charming community features scenic vistas and hiking trails. Christ Church, the Central Research Institute, Monkey Temple, and Sunset Point are some of the local favorites.
  • Distance: Kasauli is 28 kilometers away from Solan

  • Shoolini : One of the oldest and most sacred temples in this area, the Shoolini Temple honors the goddess Shoolini. In June of every year, it also holds a fair that is lavishly and vibrantly enjoyed.
  • Distance: Shoolini is 1.5 kilometers away from Solan

  • Gurkha Fort : This is the oldest historical site in the area, with an estimated age of 800 years. The fort is big and contains a number of freshwater springs. You can explore this historic building to locate a few other monuments, including the Gurkha Fort.
  • Distance: Gurkha Fort is 22 kilometers away from Solan

  • Solan Brewery : The Solan Brewery, one of the nation's oldest breweries, was established in 1855 and has since been transformed into a distillery. Edward Dyer, an Englishman, founded Dyer Breweries, which is now managed by Mohan Meaking Ltd. This is situated not far from the Solan train station.
  • Distance: Solan Brewery is 4.9 kilometers away from Solan

How to Reach

  • By Air - Several flights link to Shimla; this is a one-hour drive from Solan but does not have its own airport. The Chandigarh airport, which is about an hour and a half away, is the second closest airport.
  • By Train - One of the tallest stations in the world is the one in Solan. Trains link Solan to a number of significant cities, including Delhi. Since Solan is a stop on several important trains, including the Kalka-Shimla passenger, you can exit there.

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