• Course: Beverage/sauce
  • Place of origin: Indian subcontinent
  • Region or state: Maharashtra, Gujarat
  • Main ingredients: Mango, sugar, salt, pepper, or milk

A sweet and spicy thick beverage made from the pulp of mangoes, Aamras is a delight featuring in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent and is a scrumptious and a heavenly treat for the taste buds. A popular mango delicacy from the western part of India from Maharashtra and Gujarat, it is also known as Amras in major parts of India and Keri no Ras in Gujarat where keri means mango. Basically, Aamras is simply a mango puree or pulp which can be made as a dessert by adding milk and sugar or spicy sweet kind of thick beverage to have with poori or chapati.

As mango is a seasonal fruit, Aamras is a summer delight in a bowl made with different styles in different homes. It can be eaten as a dish known as Aamras Poori or after a meal as a sweet dish or alongside meal as a complimentary spicy tangy dish. The word ‘’aamras’’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘amra’ which means mango and ‘ras’ means juice. So Aamras literally translates to Mango Juice or Mango extract. Though mangoes are warm in nature, Aamras has cooling properties and is good for consumption during the summer months.

It is made by squeezing out the pulp of mango, usually by hands, and some cold water is mixed with it to make it cool and drinkable. Salt and pepper are added to make it spicy, and sugar is added to adjust the sweetness. In Gujarat it is usually made sweet with just sugar and some milk along with aromatics such as cardamom powder or saffron. Be it a dessert or a beverage or side dish, Aamras is a dynamic delight and refreshes the senses with just a sip or spoonful.

Making of Aamras

Sweet Aamras- Peel and chop mangoes and add into a grinder. Add sugar or jaggery according to taste and a little bit of milk. Grind the mangoes into a smooth pulp and take it out on a bowl. Add some cardamom powder or saffron and some chopped nuts if preferred. Enjoy after a meal.

Spicy Aamras- Peel of the skin of mangoes and squish out the pulp using hands. Add some sugar, salt, and pepper powder along with some mint leaves (optional). Add a little water or ice cubes and mix thoroughly. Keep in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and enjoy with poori or itself as a refreshing drink.

Nutritional Content

Amras contains enough polyphenols, phytochemicals, omega-3, carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-6 which are beneficial for the body. One cup of Aamras contains 179 calories, out of which proteins contains 1 gram of calories, carbs contain 41 gram of calories, fat account for 1 gram of calories, and fibers are also in 1 gram. Aamras also improves digestion and immune system, regulates blood pressure, and relaxes muscles.



A smooth and rich pulpy delight, Aamras is a sweet or spicy summer bliss made from the mango pulp and is a classic treat for the taste buds. It is also rich in essential nutrients needed for the body and is loved by everyone.

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