Kappad Beach

kappad beach


Located 16km away from Kozhikode in the South Indian state of Kerala, Kappad Beach is a famous tourist spot and also holds historical significance as the place where the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama first landed in India in the 15th century. Nestled away from the chaotic life of the city, Kappad beach is an ideal holiday destination for some leisure and relaxation time. Sprinkled with several rock formations on all sides of the beach, the landscape is formed by coconut groves and a long silvery stretch of sand with the shores soaked with pristine blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Also called Kappakadavu beach, it is 16km away from Calicut and is one of the famous beaches in South India. The beach has calm waters and is visited by many tourists from all over India for its exquisite beauty and tranquil environment. There is a temple near the beach which is considered to be 800 years old and grabs the attention of every visitor on the beach. Another thrilling feature of the beach is a huge rock bulging into the sea.

If you are visiting for the first time it is suggested that you take the backwaters route to explore and witness the beauty of the entire area of the beach. The fishing hamlets and the silver-golden sand in the vicinity also enhance its attractiveness and peacefulness. The beach is dotted with beautiful huts and beach shacks that serve delectable seafood and refreshing drinks to delight your taste buds. Uncrowded and unspoiled, the beach is an ideal location for a peaceful retreat and is a wonderful experience to be around such scenic beauty.

Things to Do in Kappad Beach


Boat cruises at backwaters

There are boat cruises available at the pristine backwaters where visitors get to experience the scenic beauty of the entire area while lounging on a houseboat and admiring the beauty of nature.


Beach Games

Beach games are the best way to spend time on the beach with the cool wind wafting through your face and the feel of the soft sand under your feet, and Kappad beach has plenty of space to play games such as volleyball, football, etc.



Lounge and relax on the benches available on the beach or sit in one of the rocks dotted all around the beach to bask in the warmth of the sun and get that fresh tan to bring back home.


Beach Shacks

The beach houses many beach shacks where you can relax for a bit and devour delicious seafood and coastal food at a very reasonable cost.



The local shopping market near the beach such as Main Bazaar and shopping malls such as Focus Mall, RP Mall, etc. are all in the vicinity and you can spend your time eating snacks and buying garments, accessories, and cosmetics.

Places to Visit Near Kappad Beach

Although the stunning beauty of the beach will not let you move out of the beach, there are still other marvelous places to visit in the vicinity of the beach that must in your itinerary when you plan your Kappad beach trip.

1. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

2. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

3. Pookot Lake

4. Kappad Backwaters

Places to Eat and Drink Near Kappad Beach

These are some of the best restaurants to have finger-licking food and beverages near Kappad beach. Hop in to any of them and satiate your hunger with mouth-watering food.

1. Wind Café

2. Taj Hotel

3. Grains Restaurant

4. Half Day Café

5. Whispering Winds Restaurant

How to Reach Kappad Beach?


Best Time to Visit Kappad Beach

Best time to fully enjoy and experience the vastness of the beach is between October to March when it is not very hot or humid. You can swim in the waters as the tides are low and all the water activities are open to visitors.

If you wish to avoid the crowd, planning a trip to Kappad beach in April, May, and June is also an option. Keep in mind to take sunscreen and hats with you as the temperature is very hot and the heat may give you a sunburn.

Kappad Beach

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